Converting Monsters from D&D Official Video Games

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Monster Junkie
I'm not opposed to it, but is there a particular reason? They struck me as similar to bebeliths--demons, but not true tanar'ri.

If we do make 'em true tanar'ri, we'll need to add the summon tanar'ri ability. Any suggestions on what to summon?


Monster Junkie
I think I'm going to leave it as a non-tanar'ri, mainly because they were created by a marilith. Also, they struck me as serving a role similar to the yochlol, which also (at this time, at least) do not have the tanar'ri subtype.


Monster Junkie
Moving on, here's another resident of the marilith Kaliste's domain.

From the Pools of Darkness Adventure Journal:

Electric Spider
AC:4 HD:5 Mv:12 Int: Low Size: L
Align: CE THAC0/:15 Att:1 Dmg:2d4
Spec Att: Lightning breath
Spec Def: Immunity to electricity XP:650

Electric spiders can be found throughout Kalistes dimension. They can
breathe a lightning bolt similar to that of a blue dragon's. They
favor narrow confines where they can bounce their bolt through a
victim several times.

I'm thinking Magical Beast (Extraplanar) for these guys. Any thoughts?


First Post
Not officially, but the electricity and acid subtypes are the logical extention of the cold and fire subtypes.

Using this logic, a creature with the electricity subtype would have electricity immunity and acid vulnerability.

Does that make sense to anyone besides me?

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