D&D 5E [D&D 5e] Planescape- In Through the Out Door (Full)

I still have all the 5e extras (like a Bond, etc.) to add to Picayune. I'll start porting over stats to his post in the RG this week. When I think I'm done-done, I'll ping you guys here.

Unless we are going totally 100% wiki for this campaign? Are we keeping this OOC thread?

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Derp, I knew I forgot something for Drone - Bonds and Flaws and such. Hmm, now that I think about it, though, given that its personality is almost a blank slate, I think I'll let those develop during play, if that's ok?


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There's a page for the RG already, inside the Group. I decided to be the a-hole to nab the first post in the RG (after Unsung), but that was more because I was curious to see if posts in the wiki are editable. Turns out they are. :)

Hmmm, couldn't find it. I'll take another look especially if I can track down where you put yours. Thanks!


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Derp, I knew I forgot something for Drone - Bonds and Flaws and such. Hmm, now that I think about it, though, given that its personality is almost a blank slate, I think I'll let those develop during play, if that's ok?

I think that makes a lot of sense, particularly if you've just woken from a long slumber. Btw, your pic looks creepy lol.


Background for Eurid Turnstone:

Stephon Turnstone of Shadowdale, a paladin of Helm, first stumbled his way into the Cage nearly forty years ago. With no immediate route back, he fell in with the Harmonium and eventually came to consider Sigil his home. The faction was good to him, and soon he enjoyed the privileges of rank and title, purchasing a modest home in the Lower Ward and even taking a tiefling wife whose outward manifestions of her fiendish heritage were more succubus than balor. The two had eight children, of which Eurid was the youngest--all of them, save the last, shared their mother's tendency toward elegance and passable human appearance. Eurid, with his rat-like tail, deformed hand, and other odd traits stood apart as a shock to his poor father.

Stephon was a good man. He struggled and fought and wracked his conscience, but he could not bring himself to love the little monster he'd created. As the other children prospered in their father's love, Eurid had only his mother. As the others basked in unconditional support, Eurid struggled to follow in his father's religious training. He eagerly delved into theological study. He grew strong scrapping with older brothers who learned their father's disgust, but not his remorse.

When the Ooze Boils plague came to Sigil (a magical plague effecting abyssal tieflings, which escaped from the battlefields of the Blood War), Eurid's mother and three of his siblings succumbed and died in agony. Eurid was nine years old. Stephon took his surviving children and departed for Toril, but knew there was no place for his most fiendish child there. The boy was left with the Dustmen who tended the hospice where his mother and siblings died, and he was eventually deposited in an orphanage.

Unlike with most tales of this sort, Eurid found his new caretakers to be both kind and compassionate. His time at the orphanage was not all together unpleasant. And, by his continued study and natural talents, he was inducted into a small community of Kelemvor-worshipers within the Dustmen at the age of 16. Since then, he's completed many tasks for his faction and proven himself among his peers.

Appearance and Tiefling Traits:

Eurid is handsome by tiefling standards, and among the unprejudiced and cynical Cagers there are few who think twice of his tail or odd left hand (a wad of meaty tissue with three fingers sprouting at odd angles like a grasping claw--suitable for bearing a shield or grasping a torch, but not much else). His strangest feature is metabolic. He sweats coal-dust and stinks of brimstone and sulfur when overly exerted. Due to his upbringing, he is uncharacteristically vain about this particular quality, and so wraps his arms, chest, and throat with perfumed strips of linen which he changes almost obsessively as they inevitably stain black with filth.

Current Undertaking:

Eurid's mentor among the Dustmen (a human priest of Kelemvor) passed away recently. Among his personal effects, Eurid discovered a concerning letter expressing some troubling doubts about the Dustman philosophy which his mentor apparently kept secret. The questions raised in the letter are very esoteric and philosophical in nature, and so of little interest to anyone outside the faction. Eurid has found them difficult to answer, and they've left him with concerns that his beloved mentor may have failed to pass on to the True Death. For this reason, Eurid has requested and received some personal time away from his faction duties. He hopes to go out on his own for a time, away from his comfort zone and social bubble of like-minded folks, so as to gain some new insight that might help to shore up his faith.


As for the magical items, Eurid will take a +1 longsword and that golden ring with the worn-off insignia. Unless you have a different plan for where it came from, we can say it was among his mentor's belongings.


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I think we'll keep this OOC going, at least for now. Maybe once I've got more of a handle on how the community group works we'll head over there en masse.

@Kiraya_TiDrekan Not knowing your flaws is a flaw unto itself, and wanting to better yourself is a bond. ;) But you can leave those out for now. I'm fine with the search for self being an ongoing one, and the bonds, ideals, and flaws are just there so that players don't lose sight of that. They're not mandatory.

@goatunit Well worth the wait. A sad tale, but ones like it are all too common in Sigil. And anywhere else, really. Such things are why the Dustmen try and divorce themselves from attachments and passions.

I can certainly see how a devout Kelemvorite might develop some doubts. After all, which takes precedent? Service to one's god, in this life and the next? To ensure the dead rest well and receive judgment and justice in the afterlife? Or to seek the True Death for oneself as well as others? At what point do those things become mutually exclusive?

So the ring belonged to a upper-circle Dustman, presumably originally from Toril, or thereabouts? How curious.

I really like the detail of the perfumed linen bandages turning black.
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For those characters who are newly adrift on the Outer Planes, I think needing to find and forge new bonds is fitting. Not having a flaw is a little iffier, since it's just one flaw and hardly likely to be the only one, for any of us, but like I said, filling out those details is not mandatory. Backgrounds are just there as story-starters. They're meant to change and grow as the game goes on.


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