D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Delayed to 2023

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He got several "best supporting actor" nominations, including a BAFTA one, for his Paddington 2 role. I've never seen, but thinking he's a bit more skilled than the bumbling, stuttering, rom-com roles.



Well, that was fun
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Wasn't he a villain in something else already?
A few things. He’s not been playing bumbling romantic fops for a long time. You can only do that so long, and the man is 60 after all. Four Weddings was 30 years ago.

Off the top of my head, A Very English Scandal, The Gentlemen, Cloud Atlas, The Undoing. He’s more of a character actor these days.


May also delay the TV series and other properties tied into the Move.

Also I didn't know the original script was a bout the Eye of Vecna!

"The Eye of Vecna" always sounded so cool. Dungeons & Dragons: The Eye of Vecna would be a great name for a D&D movie.


Does this mean Hugh is looking for his hand, eyes and the sword of kas?
After all his lieutenant's weapon has been theorized or rather could have been one of his phylactery's or was that just because it was cursed?
Does this mean an eye patch and a gloved hand like Luke?

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