D&D Race Survivor -- Round 1

Vote one Race off the Island!

  • Dwarf

    Votes: 7 2.1%
  • Elf

    Votes: 24 7.3%
  • Gnome

    Votes: 101 30.6%
  • Half-Elf

    Votes: 48 14.5%
  • Half-Orc

    Votes: 70 21.2%
  • Halfing

    Votes: 33 10.0%
  • Human

    Votes: 11 3.3%
  • Where are the Illumians, Maenads, and Shifters?

    Votes: 36 10.9%

  • Poll closed .

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First Post
D&D Gnomes don't draw on anything mainstream in fantasy. They're like short dwarves or lawn decorations.

And why play a half-orc/half-elf when you can play the real thing. Races of Eberron even gave us "snow" goggles for Orcs.


I voted elf. They are ar to sterotyped. I like the rest, but they (elves) are the only race apart from Humans, and they have been far too similiar.

Why must gnomes go? Why!


First Post
Goodbye Gnome. I've never had a PC gnome in my campaign, and so I included a few as NPCs to make it seem like there actually were gnomes out there. Then I decided gnomes were a myth, and they were never seen again. The old gnome NPCs were actually tricky halflings or others trying to keep the myth alive.

On the other hand, my players love half-orcs. I have to talk them into not using a half-orc for every fighter-type build. I wonder where all those half-orcs come from. Is there some orc-human bar that is really popular in Greyhawk City?


First Post
Half-elf must go

Half elves combine the worst of both races.

By this I mean half-elves get so little of the benefits of either race that it makes no sense to be one. The only reason I've seen anyone play a half-elf is to be able to say they are an elf and perhaps play that angsty "to elves I'm half-human" woe-is-me role.


Good-bye, Gnome. Nothing personal. It's just no one ever plays you in my campaigns, I've never had any desire to play you, and I've only had one memorable gnome NPC in my 10+ years of DMing. Adios.


Though I didn't vote for Half-Elves, can I just comment on how dumb giving them a diplomacy bonus is? I don't see them as being inherently "well accepted" among humans or elves, and certainly even if they were, it wouldn't translate to anyone else.

IMC, I change the bonus to disguise and bluff, reflecting the fact that they have to learn to work harder to fit into society.

Gee, should I play a human or an elf? I just can't decide! Ooh, I know! I'll play a human with infravision. I want to play with the human versatility and elf superpoweredness, and have no restrictions. Take out that whole commoners-hate-half-breeds thing! I want to play a half-elf fighter/mage/thief! (unless you'll let me play a half-drow fighter/mage/priest/thief?!)

I actually don't have a problem with any particular race, but if I had to drop one, it would be the half-elf. I feel like gnome, halflings, elves, half-orcs, and dwarves all fill cool, distinct niches. If you want to play "different," or "versatile," play human.

I started with AD&D 2nd edition and I've just seen too many players choose half-elf for what are, to me, the cheesiest reasons. I like sub-optimal builds. I think that they're more interesting. I also like narrow archetypes to follow or to flout. I don't like wishy-washy half-measures, and when the mood stirkes me, that's what I feel the half-elf is. [/RANT]

Charwoman Gene

Crothian said:
well, its an honest answer..... :cool:

I was gonna do just PH... But then thought about the new Races of * races, and Eberron, and elven subraces, and .... Maybe if people aren't looking for my blood by the time we do skill survivor, I'll do Expanded Race Survivor.


Inventor of Super-Toast
The gnome hate has got to go! Save the gnome!

I voted half-orc, because they're dumb bruisers mechanically and I've only seen one played who didn't fit into that stereotype. And I'm not a big fan of dumb bruisers. And anyway, why play a half-orc when you can go full?

Demiurge out.

The Shaman

First Post
Dirigible said:
Elves must be punched. In order to facilitate this, I suggest we nail their feet to a conveyor belt and arrange a line of orcs with spiked gauntlets at elf-crotch height.

But first we get rid of their silly half-breeds.

What do you call 50,000 half-elves at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. :p

the Lorax

First Post
Particle_Man said:
The half-elf has almost no niche at all. You really have to stretch to find something the half-elf can do that you can't do better with either an elf or a human. The 2 +2 "Face" skill bonuses don't save it. Off it goes.

Seconded! <with gusto>

I just had the exact same discussion with someone from my group last night. Timely topic for me.

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