Dragonlance Designing D&D Dragonlance Panel at PAX Unplugged with WotC


I crit!
I'm not sure if they are taking questions. It will be lived streamed on pax2
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Ever wondered how tabletop RPGs are made? Designing D&D Dragonlance offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes into one of D&D’s most beloved settings. In this panel moderated by Game Design Architect Jeremy Crawford, learn about the Dragonlance design process from Design Co-Lead Rob Daviau, Principal Writer Dan Dillon, and Art Director Bree Heiss. The team will showcase artwork, talk through their own experiences, and explain how the book and board game work together to immerse you in the magical world of Krynn. From fans of Dragonlance to newer players, all are welcome!

Jeremy Crawford (Moderator, D&D Game Design Architect – Wizards of the Coast), Rob Daviau (Panelist, Game Designer – Restoration Games), Dan Dillon (Panelist, Game Designer – Wizards of the Coast), Bree Heiss (Panelist, Art Director – Wizards of the Coast)

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I crit!
dndwizards # Coming up at #PAXUnplugged: the Designing D&D Dragonlance Panel now with Amy Dallen sitting in for Jeremy Crawford as moderator. «)

Click the link in our bio to watch it live at 2:30 PM ET on



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