D&D (2024) Dexterity too good?


Brawn: (All of str+con, except only adds to HP on EVEN levels)
Dexterity: (As-is)
Intelligence: (As-is)
Wisdom: (As-is)
Charisma: (As-is)
Fate: (Adds to HP on ODD levels, Death saves, Prof times/LR can replace a failed d20 test with a Fate test of the same kind)

HP: L0 gives a d8 (or d6 if small) HD (plus Con bonus).
L1 gives a NORMAL HP (for class) (plus Fate bonus).

Contacts: (Prof+Cha bonus) people you can probably trust.
Monster Knowledge: Intelligence(Skill) check at start of combat, DC is (8+Prof+Wisdom bonus) of monster. Grants a reroll token against monster if successful, plus hints from DM.

Shields if you are wielding it and are proficient permit using Str instead of Dex to calculate AC.

GWF changes from "reroll a 1 or a 2" to "treat odd damage weapon damage dice as the max value on the die when hitting with versatile or 2 handed weapon with 2 hands". Works out to +3 damage on 1d12 or 2d6, +2.5 on 1d10, +2 on 1d8. (no longer worse than dueling).

Saves classes with either Str or Con get Brawn saves. If they have both, they gain Fate save proficiency.

Mage Armor lets you use the slot level in place of your Dex bonus (max +5).

Shield spell acts as if you had a shield (but not wielding it) that grants +5 AC (ie, does not stack with shields).


This gives every stat mechanical benefits for every class. I left Wisdom alone as it already gives Perception and Insight, the two most common checks in my experience.

Brawn vs Fate is an interesting choice for spellcasters. A bit of both ain't bad either (12/12) as it is cheaper in point-buy.

Mage Armor change soft-nerfs Dex (as 12 dex doesn't give a spellcaster +1 AC with mage armor up, and 14 only gives +1).

Contacts and Monster Knowledge give a "passive" benefit to those two stats. The reroll token (an attack made by them, an attack made on them, a save they make) is a nice benny. And being able to invent Contacts is a reasonably powerful thing, and feels better (as a player) when you have a mechanical hook to ask the DM for a Contact than just asking flat-out.
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