Discussion - General Discussion Thread 2010-17

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Rae ArdGaoth

My only not-retired character (Razh) is level 8. I think it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to play him any time soon, since the only other mid-level PC is Keldar (level 6?). So I'll probably make another character. But... nothing has really inspired me recently.

I was thinking about blowing all of my DM credits on a Blind-born Brother of the Wyrwood Order. I'm not as excited as I was when I designed that class, but I still think it could be fun.

Unfortunately, to be tenable as a PC, he would really have to be level 6 so he could get Hyper Awareness (blindsight to 5'). I'm not sure how playable a character with just blindsense would be. On the other hand, it might handicap him enough that he'd be able to play with lower level characters without being overpowered, and lower level characters is all we really have right now.

Any thoughts? There are lots of other things I could do with my DM credits...

Rae ArdGaoth

This world is in dire need of an adventure, or it will no longer be accurate to call it "Living Enworld".

I think there are at least a couple of PCs hanging out in the tavern. I'd submit a low-level PC if there were an adventure.

Any ideas?

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
I am working on a lpf submission that I can simo-run in lew here, but it is for 4-6 level 5, min 4, pcs

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