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Right. According to Morrus, we didn't have to ask for a subforum, we can just make one from the group. Or, the creator of the group can. Which is Graf, who is on vacation for another week. I went ahead and created another group, Living 4th Edition, and when 9 other people join it, I can click the "Create forum" button at the bottom.

I feel a little silly about making another group just so that we don't have to wait a week for Graf to get back and click a button, but I'm impatient, so there you go. Go join! :)


The man with the probe
I'll talk to Morrus and see if we can't set you up with a forum similar to LEW and LEB instead. I think that makes more sense than your own private little corner, mostly from not only a moderation standpoint, but an exposure standpoint.


First Post
I had a thought. Should we start a new L4W discussion thread in the new forum and link it to this thread (both directions, to and from) so that we can have one place to check for newest news and discussion on L4W? I just think it'd be nice to get it out of the Talking the Talk forum if possible. Any thoughts?

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