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As for my vote on a name: Living 4NWorld. Anything like Living ENWorld: The 4th Age suggests a connection/continuation w/ the ongoing living LEW game, which is not actually the case AFAIK.

That's a good point, as LEW is still going on, and a lack of any real link to it from the L4W I think a non-connected name works well.

I like the name Living 4NWorld.

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I rather like Living 4NWorld as well. Does anyone have strong objections to that? If nobody does after a day or two I'll go ahead and request it in Meta. I'm not inclined to press too hard for complete consensus or for a formal poll on this, since I imagine it could be changed if the community turns out to hate it. But I do want to get the forum rolling so that we can move on the rest of the roadmap.


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I wrote some more. Feedback is appreciated.

Here's an attempt at a mythology of origins for the setting:

The first Aeon was Darkness.

The secon Aeon, Light blossomed out in darkness, and Light outlined the Chaos from the Dark, and Chaos was all, and all was in Chaos.

The third Aeon, love was born, and separation was born. For from Chaos, Ge, the Mother, and Ouranos the Shining too, and one laid herself under all things, and the other embraced her lovingly. And the Chaos that remained was alone and furious, and stabbed Ge, and shattered her. And Ouranos embraced her and soaked in her blood and they were closer and farther than before.

The fourth Aeon, children were born from Ge and Ouranos, and they were mighty and beautiful, and walked on the womb of their mother and looked up at their father. But Chaos was cast aside and jealous and also gave birth, but though mighty his children were, ugly and angry they were, too. And while the children of Ge and Ouranos gave life and beauty to the soil that was their Mother, the children of Chaos brought darkness, and sharp mountains, and scorching fires, and chilling cold, and they excavated the interior of Ge with caves and rifts. And the Mother was in pain and cried and shook, and remembered whe she was one. And from her memory a light was born that was fair and full of life and her children called it Elysium and inhabited it, but then it cast a long shadow on the opposite side, and the children looked at it and it was gloomy and deserted, and they called it Herebos, and few of them ever walked on it.
And then Ge was tired and fell asleep, and sad was Ouranos and followed her in her slumber to dream outside all that was, and they have not awakened since. And from their stillness the Cosmos was born, and the shifting Seas.

Then came the first age of Mortals, first of many to come. The world was blossoming with life, and the young Gods helped it grow, each in its way. The dragons were the first to awaken in the Cosmos, and they grew great and mighty, closest to gods than any other mortal being. The Elysium shone like a glowing star, and its children soon walked the world, and even the darkes corners of the world were stirring, and the gods walked on the same grounds of mortals.
But again, the Primordials, children of chaos, were jealous and moved to the Cosmos to bring ruin with them, and built fortresses and created servants to kill and imprison mortals, made of raw matter and pure life force. They dared not enter Elysium and Herebos, for mysterious were their lands, but Titans, and Giants their children, and Archons and Elementals were in Cosmos. At first, the Gods were pushed away, for no army they had, nor had they battled before, save for play. They established fortresses too, in Ouranos, Elysium, in the Shifting Seas, and even in Herebos. They started to gather allies among the most powerful mortal creatures, and even powerful immortal spirits. They eternal forged bonds of loyalty with Angels, and created fearsome Abominations to send against those spawned by the Primordials, desperate to take back the Cosmos. The war was the longest the World has since seen, and forever will be. In the end, the gods prevailed as the majority of the Primordials were destroyed, or retired in the eternal elemental storms of Chaos. The most powerful of the Primordials and their rulers, Arges, Gya, Kotto, Bryareus, Stheropes and Bronthes were cast down with all the divine might to the deepest abyss of Chaos, and there chained and sealed. There, their malice corrupted all around them and made their own prison far worse than ever would it had been. That was called Thartharus.

Well obviously shattered Ge is the Earth, and the Cosmos in this case, while Ouranos is the Astral Sea, and thefting seas are made of Ge's "blood" soaking Ouranos (to represent their "transitiveness"). Chaos is the elemental Chaos. the children of Ge and Ouranos the Gods, the children of Chaos the Primordials. Herebos is the Shadowfell and Elysium the Feywild. The "excavated interior"of Ge may well be the Underdark. Thartharus is the Abyss.
This was a first Myth of creation. I'll write more later (like something to introduce the Far Realms. Maybe they were spawned by the mighty dreams of Ouranos and Ge, eternally asleep?) and update the pantheon itself.

Knight Otu

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I really need to catch up to this topic some time.

As for my vote on a name: Living 4NWorld. Anything like Living ENWorld: The 4th Age suggests a connection/continuation w/ the ongoing living LEW game, which is not actually the case AFAIK.

While, as you know, I agree with that sentiment, I'd rather avoid things like 4NWorld or L4W. That looks... unclean to me. :hmm: Living 4th Edition or something like that seems better to me.


Argh. This is a silly issue to get stuck on. The name of the forum hardly matters; I wouldn't care if it were called Living Flowerpots. Knight Otu's point is well taken; Living 4NWorld is... not clear if you haven't been following this discussion and don't know that Living ENWorld is a 3.5e game. The sense of the name is lost.

Frankly, the more I think about it, the more I believe we should be naming the forum after the setting we use, not the rule system we use. "Living Transitive Isles" or "Living Dauntonia" or "Living Shifting Seas" or whatever is a much better name than anything having to do with 4th edition.

Here's what I propose to do: Submit "Living 4th Edition" as the working name of the forum, so that we can get it created and move on to other things, and so that it's clear to anyone browsing the list of forums what's going on. Then, as part of setting proposals, we include a bit on what we want the name of the forum to be. If there's no single idea that stands out, we can poll on it, and one of the poll options can be "stick with Living 4th Edition". The details of exactly how we go about picking a better name don't matter; the important thing is not to let the whole project get stuck while we argue about it.

To steal a page from LEB's book, I will implement the above plan if any one of these conditions is met:
  • Three people say "yes, do it" and no one says "no, wait" within some reasonable amout of time.
  • Four people say "yes, do it" and no more than one person says "no, wait"

So, shall I go ahead and do this?


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