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Disney Star Wars Is It Actually That Bad?


S: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back
A: Return of the Jedi
B: Force Awakens, Rogue One
C: Revenge of the Sith, Solo
D: Last Jedi, Last Skywalker, Attack of the Clones, Phantom Menace

Haven't seen Clone Wars, Mandalorian, Boba Fett, Kenobi, etc.

Or something like that. I also listed them in order of preference. There's a big gap between A and B, and then B and C are close, and I would group them both as "a mixed bag" - neither more good or more bad, but some of both.

Solo was the least offensive of C/D, but also the most forgettable.

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To address the thread title, I'd say if Lucas' prequels squashed the magic out of Star Wars, the Disney films tried to put it back, but it was the Disney version - cheap, plastic, and derivative. At least some of Lucas' prodigious imagination was still present in the prequels, it is just that the burden of terrible casting choices, dialogue and acting, became so unwieldy that they're hard to watch.

Perhaps the quintessential moment of this was when they go to the Gungan city in the first film. It is beautifully conceived and gorgeous to look at. But then people talk. Or rather, Gungans talk. Not only is Jar-Jar insufferable, but the king just brings doofus-y to a whole new level. The real low point for me was the pod race. Oh wait, the most sparkless romance in cinematic history in Attack of the Clones. And then, to top it off, at the culmination of an epic light saber duel, we have Hayden Christiansen's amateurish acting in its full glory: "I hate you!" Sigh.
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Argyle King

S: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Mandalorian
A: Force Awakens*
B: Return of the Jedi*
C: Obi-Wan, Revenge of the Sith, Solo, Rogue One
D: Rise of Skywalker, Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Last Jedi

Book of Boba Fett is all over the place. Good episodes are B; bad episodes are C-D; the best episodes are A+ but arguably are more Mando than Boba.

*pretty close... arbitrarily decided which was A and which was B


A suffusion of yellow
The List.

S Tier: Star Wars: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Rebels

A Tier: Return of the Jedi. The Clone Wars

B Tier: Revenge of the Sith, The Force Awakens, Solo

C Tier: The Phantom Menace, The Last Jedi.

D Tier: Attack of the Clones, Ewoks Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor, Clone Wars (animated film).
I’m gonna fight you on the Ewoks movies

but the rest of your list is good enough


Rise of Skywalker

This movie has no real plot just a series if amazing coincidences. It rips off a 30 year old comic that wasn't that good but at least explained things. A profoundly stupid meandering and pointless movie. D Tier.

Alright the TV shows.

The Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda. Everyone seems to live that little green money printer. Well the shoe hasn't really had a dud episode as such. Season two raised the bar after a pretty darn good season one. It's a different medium but it's some of the best Star Wars ever made. The emotional investment is really the relationship between Mando and Bay Yoda. It's simple and it works. S tier.

Book of Boba Fett.

Oh dear. This show is a hot mess. As another poster commented 3 of the episodes were great essentially Mandalorian Season 2.5. Fett essentially got sidelined in his own show. The rest mostly ranged from B to C with bad special effects. Overall a C and probably the biggest disappointment since The Phantom Menace. How do you screw up Fett? It's near the top of the C tier though but lacks vs the B's.

Obi Wan.

Was this show perfect? No. One could nitpick it but overall I liked it and enjoyed the show. Perhaps one of the best lightsaber fights and we sae Vader get owned which is very rare in Legends and Canon. I'm gonna give it an A.
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Well being blunt they screwed up the sequel movies. Apart from that I think they've done reasonably well with things like Rebels, Rogue One and Obi Wan being very good. Book of Boba Fett is more disappointing than outright bad.

Looking forward to the Ahsoka show and The Acolyte. I never though I would see something as good as Empire Strikes Back but Rebels and The Mandalorian are coming close.

George Lucas made more duds than Disney. What's worse Rise of Skywalker or Attack of the Clones.......?


I'm no mega-SW-nerd so no tiers from me. I just find it interesting that the Mandalorian/Boba/Obi-Wan series to me conveys a much more strong, genuine and authentic SW feeling that all the films. The gritty and lived in feeling that is only hinted at in the films comes to bloom.

Oh well, carry on tiering folks.

How good or bad is Star Wars post Disney in term of TV shows and movies?

It's probably safe to say there's been some misfires. BUT Lucas himself made multiple erm crap Star Wars content. I would argue the worst of Disney Star Wars is no worse than the worst of what Lucas came up with.

There's only one thing to do. Tier list!!! Not covering things like video games, comics, books etc or the Stat Wars Holiday special only the movies and TV shows.

The tier levels

S: Best of the Best

A: Very good but there's better.

B: Still generally good

C: Has some major problems the negatives outweigh the good.

D: Generally a hard movie to watch. Might have a great scene or two but overall a bad movie possibly even painful to watch.

The new movies didn't really land for me. I thought the first one was entertaining. I liked parts of the second, but it felt very disjointed from the first, and by the end, it didn't seem like it was leading anywhere in terms of a third movie in a trilogy. The third one seemed more like a reaction to the second, and while there were parts of it I enjoyed, there was so much I didn't. The third one also did things that I disliked like having a powerful emotional beat like seeming to kill an important character (one in particularly seemed rather well done and helped develop another character in interesting ways) then it just got taken back. The ending of the third movie just had me dizzy (as much as I dislike elements of the second at least its ending was gorgeous to look at). Also didn't get why they completely abandoned the Rose Tico and Finn love story (and felt she got a bit relegated to a nothing part in the third movie: personally I thought those two actors had good chemistry). Luke in the second to me, felt quite out of character. I really didn't get that at all. I also think the second bungled Hux a bit because he was shaping up to be an interesting threat but they just turned him into a punchline in the second and third film. And there were parts of the second film that just felt too meta (the whole kill the past soliloquy felt too on the nose and kind of took me out of the moment). I really hated the look and the overabundance of CGI in the final part of the third film. And I couldn't stand how all the effects looked like they were farmed out to people who had no understanding of the whole they were contributing to in the third one (no idea if this was the case, but it felt like it).

I think the Disney movies hit some nostalgia buttons for me. It was great seeing Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamil in those roles again. But it was missing an emotional element that I felt from the originals (nothing in the new trilogy can match how I felt by the end of Empire Strikes back for example). I'm not sure that the two directors were the best choices though. I don't really like anything JJ Abrahms has done, and while I think Rian Johnson's non-star wars stuff is great, I think he is a strange fit for Star Wars. If they had given Johnson all three movies, it might have worked because there would have been more of a thematic through line, and a consistent look and feel. It just didn't feel like a well planned out trilogy to me, and it seems like there was a lot of interference from Disney. My overall feeling was I was pleasantly surprised by the first movie, because it did feel a bit like return to form after the prequels. But the second movie felt jarringly out of place (good in many ways on its own, but a very odd fit for Star Wars and just weird as a second installment in a trilogy) and the third felt rushed and poorly thought out. They should have either given the whole thing to Abrahms or Johnson, or found a different director for all three. Also all three movies feel very dated even though they are only a few years old, much more so to me than the originals or the prequels. I think because they are very tied to whatever was going on on the internet at the time

I am older though. I grew with the original trilogy and for us a company like Disney was the antithesis of Star Wars (in the 90s people my age called Disney the evil empire all the time because it was viewed as a powerful media conglomerate that produced pablum entertainment and abused its hegemony). I get that isn't the way Disney is seen these days but in the 90s I remember getting entire lectures on the sins of Disney in college courses (and not just media courses but history courses). I'm certainly not the target audience any longer.

Also I have no desire to see more star wars than is in the movies. So I haven't watched any of the shows, and I haven't watched any of the additional films outside the core trilogies. Zero interest in those things.

If anything, the new trilogy has actually increased my fondness for the prequels (which I didn't think was possible because those were pretty disappointing to me). But for all their flaws, at least the prequels had a clear vision of what they were trying to do, told a complete story that made sense. I certainly have my complaints about how it handled things like the moment Anakin turns to the dark side, but it did tell the story it wanted to and that story was connected to the overall series in a meaningful way. It felt like it had a degree of permanence. Everything in the new movies feel ephemeral to me, almost like they might not have really happened.

EDIT: In terms of a tier list, I can't tier these things. Each movie needs a full paragraph explanation and would defy a ratings system for me (for example I wouldn't really be able to place Last Jedi on a list like that because it does a lot of things I don't like, but it also isn't a bad movie on its own, but it belongs somewhere on an alternate rating sytstem that isn't about good or bad). I would definitely put the Original Trilogy on top, with Empire being number one. From the Prequels I think I enjoyed Revenge of the Sith the most, followed by Attack of the Clones. However I hated how it handled Anakin turning to the dark side (it felt so abrupt and not at all connected to the flaw they had been building on: his anger and his growing resentment towards the Jedi). The Phantom Menace bores me to death when I get to the pod racing scene. From the new trilogy the discussion is too involved because it's like a trilogy that is at war with itself and that lowers the ranking of every one of its entries). I actually enjoyed the Last Jedi even though it did stuff that really puzzled me. But it was also like a landmine put intentionally in the middle of a three part story (if you are going to do something like that, save it for the third film because it literally left no place to go, it didn't build off 1 then lead into 3, it just did its thing in defiance of the first movie----which could have worked if it led to an interesting third act but it seemed like no place was in place). The third movie, was just a technical nightmare. It didn't even look like a movie to me. I was at first hopeful because some of the ideas sounded interesting when I heard about them. But the execution was awful, the finale was confusing and actually impacted the quality of the rest of the trilogies (re-introducing that character at the end in that way, impacts the meaning of the original trilogy). The Force Awakens was entertaining, it had a lot of energy, and while I have my quibbles I think suggested an interesting trilogy was coming. However I've only seen it twice, and have no real desire to see it a third time.
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George Lucas made more duds than Disney. What's worse Rise of Skywalker or Attack of the Clones.......?

Definitely a dud but attack of the clones I can at least watch again. I have no desire to rewatch the Rise of Skywalker. And attack of the clones felt like a real movie, in a real world (not a great movie, but a movie), whereas Rise of Skywalker felt more like a video game or like a GM making up crazy stuff as he or she goes. It just had a glitchy feel and it never felt like the protagonists feet made contact with the ground.


Definitely a dud but attack of the clones I can at least watch again. I have no desire to rewatch the Rise of Skywalker. And attack of the clones felt like a real movie, in a real world (not a great movie, but a movie), whereas Rise of Skywalker felt more like a video game or like a GM making up crazy stuff as he or she goes. It just had a glitchy feel and it never felt like the protagonists feet made contact with the ground.

Yeah there's about an hour of AotC that's fun.

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