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General DM or Player Poll

Are you typically a Player or DM

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Just a quick poll to see how many people on this website that play D&D (any edition) DM or are a player. Mark DM if you regularly DM, or DM most often. Mark player if you play most often.
You may comment below to share experiences, explain why you chose the option that you did, and other information.

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First 10 years I was playing D&D it was as a player. Then started dipping my toes in the DM waters until soon enough it was pretty much I'M ALWAYS DM and it stayed that way for 30 years. Nobody else stepped up to the plate so... if I wanted to play D&D it was only going to be if I ran the game. So, while I have (mostly) always enjoyed being the DM I'd prefer to be able to do BOTH - play as a player in at least one campaign, and also run my own game as DM. Seems a bit much to ask cuz I can't recall when I've managed to actually DO that. Had opportunity in approximately the last year to finally be a player again in a couple of 5E campaigns. Very much enjoyed both but they were also both... somewhat unique game settings and a tad more "powered-up" than I'd have preferred.


Aspiring Lurker (He/Him)
I mostly DM--or at least it takes up most of my brainspace. I run two bi-weekly campaigns, and I play in a third. I'm also in a group that meets every week, and in that group I've not yet GMed. Like @Man in the Funny Hat I prefer to be able to both play and DM even though these days I think of playing as the change of pace.

Khelon Testudo

Cleric of Stronmaus
I used to DM mostly, but that was because I insisted on playing games other than D&D; so that forced me to be the DM if I wanted that game to happen. Traveller, Champions, Vampire the Masquerade.
When I gave in, and deigned to play "that silly fantasy game", I was mostly a player. That was 22? years ago, and I've mellowed in my attitude since. ;)

I consider myself a primary DM/GM. While I've played quite a bit (we've been running 2 games at a time since 3E came out), I've more or less been running one game or another for the last 18 years, minus a few breaks to let others DM/GM for a bit.


The hero you deserve
10 years ago I would have said DM, but over the past decade I’ve played about 80% of the time.


Victoria Rules
I voted DM but (other than during the lockdown) it's about 50-50 these days; over my gaming life it might be 55-45 DM v player.

And looking at the posts it seems I'm not alone, so that 18-3 lead 'DM' currently has is a bit misleading. :)

For the 35 years of playing D&D on and off I have DM'd probably 90% of that time. I have run a character for maybe two times in the last 10 years. A player in my current game whose been playing for about 2 years has expressed interest in DMing so maybe, hopefully, that'll work out.


... It fluctuates. When I was involved with 4e Organized Play, I was primarily DMing, because I got to keep all the material. Nowadays, I play in 2 (possibly 3) campaigns and DM 1 (though if I end up quarantined much longer I might start a 2nd).


~90% DM for almost 30 years. (And by "DM" I mean not just Dungeon Master but GM, Storyteller, Keeper and so on, and so on, even though this is a D&D forum, obviously.)


Since 1980 I've been the DM/GM for 98% of the time. Right from the start when I read the Basic Moldvay box I wanted to be the DM. I do enjoy playing.

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