Dragonlance Do you plan to buy Dragonlance?

Do you plan to buy Dragonlance

  • Yes

    Votes: 73 41.0%
  • No

    Votes: 70 39.3%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 29 16.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 3.4%


B/X Known World
No. I have no nostalgia for Dragonlance. I like the idea of the simple war mechanics the AP will present and want to check those out, but I have no desire to play in a DL game nor play the over-priced board wargame.

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Any of you going to go for their "Physical & Digital Bundle"?

Now, I'll admit: I'm a game retailer, so I might be a little biased against their attempt to cut me out of the mix. But I'm also a huge fan of the game, and a realist, so I don't get too hurt by these things.

That said, take a look at these facts:

AFAIK, the print book is $49.95 USD. (And will be "cheaper on Amazon", naturally).

They are asking "$59.94" USD for their "bundle" plus $12.99 USD in shipping (free in the US if you spend $100, so if you need two for whatever reason).

No, I don't know why it's .94 instead of .95. Weird.

I'm Canadian, so of COURSE, I note that they're charging $42.99 USD in shipping to Canada. So a Canadian is being asked $102.93 USD for the bundle, or $133.81 CAD, which is about TWICE what a physical book would cost you (without any discounts).

BUT... you get the D&D Beyond version of it, and you get it TWO WEEKS EARLY (assuming the shipping doesn't get lost or something).

Is that tempting? Maybe. Tempting enough? I doubt it. It's nearly a US-exclusive offer.


ORC (Open RPG) horde ally
As the title states. I know it's early in the game, but I'm curious both about people's initial stance, and if it changes over time. I intend to poke my head in here from time to time and see how the vote may shift over time, so feel free to change your vote if your opinion changes before, on or after release.

You bet! For all its flaws, I like dragonlance and I’m really excited to see WOTC new take on the setting, especially since it seems like their approach to it matches what I would like to see. Namely, Dragonlance as the war setting.

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