D&D General Do you play D&D (or other RPGs) with your family?

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My wife plays in one of my games and asked me to run a 1 shot with her team at work for team buildings exercise.
This is pretty huge because it means she’s having fun in my game. She wouldn’t ask me to run for her team otherwise. This ALSO means that I’ve improved vastly as a 5e DM because the first time I ran a game with my wife in the group I was… awful. The experience was negative for a variety of reason both on and out of game but… I ran things pooorly when I picked up 5e.


My whole group is my father, my brother, and my son.

Started off with my father as DM back in the early 80s and my older brother and a few neighborhood friends. My older brother fell out in high school and my younger brother was just starting. The last couple years, my son joined- first in the summer when school was out, but now can stay normally since he is in high school himself.

I seemed to have been the DM for most of 3e on to today and my brother DMd one of the paths in 3e.

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
My kids are all single digits, so although we do play D&D they're a little young to really grasp what's going on. We've tried Hero Kids, too, and they loved it but it's a little too simple.

I've been looking at (and collecting) some different games, looking for the right one. I kind of lean toward anthropomorphic animals. E.g. Mausritter, Humblewood, Root, etc.

Any recommendations from anybody?

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
I'm also reminded of a comic...wish I could find it...in which two dads are talking, and one is bemoaning how addicted his son is to playing his Hunter in World of Warcraft. They commiserate for a while about kids these days and video games, then in the last frame the other dad asks, "So, what spec does he play?"
"For PVP!?!? What a noob!"
"I know! Right? I've tried to tell him...."


Elder Thing
Back in Middle School and High School I used to play 3rd Edition D&D with my brother a lot. Since then, I've only played with friends.

My wife and I are about to have a baby (October 13!), and I've got to imagine that within the next eight years we will be playing D&D together.

Do you play D&D with your family?
I started talking D&D to my child literally within hours of their birth. When they were 4 we started playing No Thank You, Evil! (A game designed to accommodate such a situation).

At 5 the kid asked "when are we just going to start playing D&D?" So we began playing Basic Fantasy RPG, a retroclone, then moved on to Rules Cyclopedia D&D. We now play Dungeon Crawl Classics, and the kid turns 8 in a few weeks.

TL;DR - yes, I play with my family.


Let's see, my oldest younger brother and I were introduced to AD&D 1E by my two cousins in the late 1970s. That Christmas, my two younger brothers and I each received one of the three core books for Christmas and we started up an ongoing game with the three of us, my little sister, and a few friends from the neighborhood. A year or so later, we also started up a Gamma World (1E) campaign that brought my mom into the fold as well.

Then college, and marriage, and two kids, and the Air Force - that was a gaming dry spell for a bit. But once my boys were 10 and 8 I introduced them first to HeroQuest (for the basics) and then AD&D 2E and we gamed through 3E and 3.5 until the oldest son went off to college, followed shortly by my younger son.

Now I game with my younger son (after his college stint was completed), my teenage nephew (who lives with us), and another family of three. (They have an older son who used to game with us as well, but he moved away to college and has started up his own campaign with his friends.)

So I'm going to go with "yes." (The only one in my family with no interest at all in gaming with us is my wife, but since I owe my marriage to "Doctor Who" she's got an entirely separate "geek link" with me.)



One of the two 5e games I'm running currently includes my wife and our middle daughter as players. Our oldest daughter has previously played, and I think our youngest would like to, although she's still a bit young for it.


I taught my kids to play just as the D&D Next playtest pack came out. My daughter (now 21) runs her own game with her friends, and my teenage boys play like, well, teenagers. We don't play together anymore, but they play weekly with their friends.


Not in a long time but my younger brother played some AD&D, and Gamma World with me briefly. We played a lot of Vampire: The Masquerade.


Yes. Back in the late 70's my dad brought home the basic boxed set and he DM'd for me and my brother. It didn't last too long, but it got me hooked on the game.

My wife & I played loads of Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, & Neverwinter Nights back in the 90's and early 2000's.

In January 2015, my family was at our local bookstore. My kids were looking to spend some of their xmas $. I heard my wife and daughter call me over, holding the 5E starter set. "Wouldn't it be fun to play as a family?" Yep, it has been fun. Our daughter just left for University, and the other day when she called home she said "I've met so many people that play D&D! I'll have to bring my stuff next time I'm home!"

My wife wants to take the reigns and DM for me and my son. She thinks I will mesh well with our son's adventuresome, chaotic, imaginative play style. Big sister's cautious, "let's think things through" style tended the clash with his.


Never did as a teenager. Didn’t have the kind of childhood where that was ever a possibility, sadly.
My wife isn’t really into it. She already accepts and engages with both Rugby and NFL, so don’t want to force more! Luckily, I am part of a fantastic five of friends and we play every month or so for a weekend.
My daughter and her husband don’t game.....but my grandson (10) and my granddaughter (8) have been motivated by Stranger Things and are now keen to play. The future is bright!


My then pre-teen and teen kids got us (back) into D&D shortly after 5e game out: my son had been asking to try it, and my daughter got him the Starter Kit for Christmas that year. Both my husband and I had played when we were younger (but not together, as we didn’t know each other then). My husband didn’t last too long: dice are almost as nasty to him as they are to Wil Wheaton, but he doesn’t handle that reality as well as Wil does. But my interest has continued. My kids and I introduced my nephew and niece—and even my parents—to the game. Right now I’m running a game for my two kids and the oldest’s significant other. My niece was a part of the table, but recently decided that her schedule won’t permit her to continue right now.

Back in Middle School and High School I used to play 3rd Edition D&D with my brother a lot. Since then, I've only played with friends.

My wife and I are about to have a baby (October 13!), and I've got to imagine that within the next eight years we will be playing D&D together.

Do you play D&D with your family?

I have a cousin who might be interested, but he lives far away. None of my siblings have any interest in the game.


Do you play D&D with your family?
I’ve been playing with my bro since I began playing. He’s the one who got me into this. And we’re starting up a campaign now (superheroes, I’m GMing, he’s playing).

I got a few of my kids to play. One lost interest when he got older (darn) and two remain interested but only on a casual basis. Haven’t lost hope yet 😁


I DMed a whole campaign (2-and-half years) for my son, one of my friend, and his own son. Best game in a long while. We started a new one; has been going on for a year and half, give or take. Still my preferred current game.

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