D&D General Don't Believe EVERYTHING concerning WOTC and D&D


Reading Slaying the Dragon and Game Wizards (both great; I recommend!) really changed how I feel about Lorraine Williams. I give her credit for buying TSR an extra decade. Also, Gygax losing control of TSR was totally on Gygax. She wasn't great and never really cared to learn about her company's product, but I don't think she was a monster. I certainly wouldn't lump her in with NuTSR.
I would agree, Williams doesn't get the credit she deserves for saving D&D in the 80s, and, by many accounts, she treated the staff fairly well. And the NuTSR thing was such an over-the-top bombastic joke that I don't think anyone could possibly take me seriously. I know my wife doesn't.

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