I can't remember where the dracolich is, but, would it be possible with for dragonblooded creatures such as the spell scale from races of the dragon to become a dracolich?


Sage of the Scarred Lands
Well there is a precendent as there is a half dragon dracolich in Dragons of Faerun.

That help?


The dracolich is in the Draconomicon and somewhere else, maybe Monsters of Faerun.

And from what I can tell, not really. Any evil dragon can become a dracolich, but dragonblood only qualifies you to use magic items or feats designed for dragons. Since it explicitly doesn't give you the "dragon" type, I would say no dracolich.

Dracoliches do need new dragon-y bodies to possess if they are destroyed however, and a dragonblood creature would seem to qualify for that. So they can become proto-dracoliches, for a short while, before the dracolich takes over.
Humanoid (dragonblood): Spellscales are humanoids
with the dragonblood subtype. For all effects related to
race, a spellscale is considered a dragon.

thats why it made me wonder. even without the dragon type, it still says that for ALL effects..... mostly wondering because my dm smiled evily when i told him what i was playing.....


Sage of the Scarred Lands

If you're DM smiles evilly, it might not be about being a draco-lich. Although it's not out of the realm of possibility as I noted via Dragons of Faerun. (And consider Faerunian Draco-liches numbers are much higher than any where else...I think there's something to be said for that.)