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5E Drow Dragon Sorcerer?


A Dragon Sorcerer gains scales.

So this would make it easier for a Drow to claim to be a surface elf with scales vs a Drow?

I'm thinking a Drow red or gold Dragon Sorcerer or a Divine Soul could be fun. What one would depend on DMs PoV on Drow, Lolthite etc.

Concept is a melee battle Sorcerer but I would need to roll some decent stats.


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Played a drow imperial dragon (sea) sorcerer back in Pathfinder 1e once. He would tell people he was a sea elf to avoid unpleasant situations.

I thought he was fun, although his scales were blue instead of gold or red.


It's a pretty good build since drow get Cha bonus and rapier proficiency. Throw in some green flame blade/booming blade, mage armor and shield, and you're all set.

My interpretation of the dragon sorcerer's scales is that they are subtle so a drow draconic sorcerer wouldn't be fooling anyone. Plus he's still got the white hair. If you wanted to attempt this disguise I'd pick a White or Silver dragon because those scale colors would match the hair. Also, cold is one of the better elements for a draconic sorcerer (not as good as fire, but better than, say, poison or acid).