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D&D 5E Druids power source for 5e

What Power Source should 5e Druids use

  • Primal

    Votes: 39 76.5%
  • Divine

    Votes: 12 23.5%
  • Elemental

    Votes: 6 11.8%
  • Mixed

    Votes: 4 7.8%

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5ever, or until 2024
With the approach that 5E seems to be taking...none of the above, or all of the above, would work just fine.


Steeliest of the dragons
I'll click in on a "None of the Above" and exactly what Ahnehnois says.

That said, if you had included a "Nature" or "Natural" in your poll, I likely would have voted for that...and no I do not consider "Primal" the same thing.


I would be pleased, if there wasn't an answer for that. The split into divine and arcane isn't really necessary for the rules to work. The required parameters are all included in the class (spell list, casting method). So no need to shoehorn things.


Primal, although I'd want it to skew towards a more "nature magic", and less "worshipping Primal spirits instead of gods" of 4e. I definitely think dividing the Druid from the Divine magic was a good idea, probably on of 4e's better concepts. I like the primal power source.


Victoria Rules
There are no Power Sources (or powers, for that matter) in 5th Ed.
So where do they get their spells from?
Gothikaiju said:
I voted "primal," but what I really want is "nature" being the source of their power, separate and different from divine/gods.
Unless and until one defines nature itself as divine e.g. the Earth Mother, and you're right back where you started.

To me, Druids should be much more a sub-type of Cleric: divine casters who get their spells and abilities from nature-oriented deities who may or may not also simultaneously support other types of Clerics.

Also, along with this the name "Druid" for the class probably ought to go, as what we know as Druids in real life would merely be one tiny subset of these "Nature Clerics" in the game setting.


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