D&D 5E Dwimmermount [IC]

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The group had a quick bite to eat and drank hardly from their water skins as the recovered from the battle. As the hour drew short, with their bloody 'trophies' in hand the group assembled at the crop of woods and prepared to head out when the echo of a low horn was hear in the distance! Shara thought that is sounded like it might have come from the southeast... somewhat in the direction of the ranch homestead!!!


First Post
Shara looks at her companions with a confused expression that turns to one of horror. Once she gets past the shock, she stands up and hurriedly puts her pack on.

"Mrs. Hiddell and the kids are alone! We have to hurry!"

[sblock=Mini stats]HP: 15/22
AC: 17

Spell slots: 0/3 (1st level)

Channel Divinity: 1/1
Warding Flare: 2/3

Inspiration: 2

HD: 1/2 (d8)[/sblock]


Hunter Brightwood

Hunter’s eyes grew wide in terror. “No not them!” he exclaimed as he secured his equipment.

“Not them, not today.” Hunter said in a low voice as he started to run and picked his way over the terrain.


First Post
GM: How much to you want to push it? IF you really want to try and get back fast, you can take 1/2 the time it took too get here with a forced march/fast paced jog, but you will need to make a Constitution save DC 11 or gain one level of Exhaustion

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