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Eberron: Curse of the Cold Sun (game thread)


Arthun's aim is indeed off, which is unfortunate, as the burning patch next to the hobgoblin has nothing but cinders remaining in it.

[sblock=occ]Vela and Boom-Boom may act.[/sblock]
[sblock=map] Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 7.46.02 PM.png[/sblock]

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First Post
Kiki roared at the wound, but by now the pain was only making her fight harder...there could be no retreat, not now. Rider and ridden's blood was up, and the bodies of their slain foes lay all about them like wheat freshly reaped. With a bugling cry the almost-dinosaur raced around to spring upon the flaming pretend-thing and grasp it in her jaws, even as Vela stabbed out with her spear!

(Kiki moves to I6, circling around bit to avoid AoO, and attacks the BadRaptor with flank! Edit: Silly me...no flank. This is what comes from posting late. :))
Kiki 24 to hit for 11 damage, Vela 14 to hit for 4 damage.
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[sblock=occ]A flank with the other hobgoblins? :p
Doesn't change anything though, luckily[/sblock]

Kiki's attack is true, although Vela isn't as lucky. Kiki's jaws latch on to the "clawfoot's" neck, and rip away at it, causing the beast to leek bloody flames from its wounds.

[sblock=map]Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 8.47.47 PM.png[/sblock]


First Post
Farmhouse Ambush Round 7
Boom-boom Ryder
Goblin Artificer 5
HP 27/39

Boom-boom traces an ornate pattern onto the top of Bangarang and the gun mount glows with glyphs of speed. Bangarang drills the clawfoot from above, with a bolt taller it is, and then reloads. The crazy goblin peers deep into the brush this time seeking the location of the enemy spellcaster ...
[sblock=Actions]Free: Speak, 5ft step to G8.
Swift: ...
Move: perception 22
Standard: Cast Cat's Grace on Bangarang.
Bangarang: Firing point blank at clawfoot, Hit AC 20 for 8 Magic dmg, reloads.[/sblock][sblock=OOC]Mounted Combat Info: Ride check +15 to negate the 1st hit each round that would strike Bangarang.

Damage Summary:
J8 Clawfoot
AC 20 for 8 magical piercing dmg[/sblock]
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Bang’s shot is true, but the clawfoot seems completely unperturbed by the flames surrounding the blot!

The two blinded warriors continue to stumble around, but the two that can see advance to attack Kiki and Arthun! Fortunately, their attacks are ineffective and easily dodged.

The same cannot be said for the clawfoot, who returns the favor by biting deeply at Kiki’s body.

Before anyone attack further, a mace comes swinging out of nowhere and clubs Kiki in the side of the face. As the invisibility spell fades, the hobgoblin cleric finally appears, cursing you furiously in the common tongue.

“I am a Doom Cleric of the Red Hand, and by the holy sun that we shall take back from the false gods of man, I shall see you wrapped in chains and broken by the unholy beasts of below, for you shall not take my brother from me!”

[sblock=occ] Kiki takes 5 damage and 3 fire damage, then another six damage. Anyone may act. [/sblock]

[sblock=map]Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 1.52.42 PM.png[/sblock]
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[sblock=occ]Careful what you write then, the occ in your last post says fire in one place and magic in another, which confused me enough to get them mixed.

Anyone may still act. [/sblock]


Arthun takes another step backward and begins casting a spell of transformation over himself. His features ripple for a moment and then takes on the appearance of a rugged hobgoblin. In the goblin tongue he spits a curse and growls, "Fools! Who do you think sent for us? My commander is going to have your heads when he finds out you foiled our carefully laid plans!"

OOC: 5' step to G6, cast alter self and take on hobgoblin form (+2 str, darkvision 60 ft.), and Bluff: 1d20+11=20 .


The Cleric is completely unfazed by Arthun's transformation and continues to invent increasingly creative curses in both common and goblin as he swings his mace. The two closest goblins hesitate momentarily, but follow their commander's lead. The two blinded hobgoblins are unable to see the clerics sudden appearance, Arthun's transformation and have difficulty telling one voice from another. In their blinded confusion, they panic and make to flee.

[sblock=OCC]The two blinded hobgoblins will attempt to run away on their next turn. Vela and White may act.[/sblock]


First Post
Enraged, Kiki flies in to a fury of claws and teeth, lashing out at the flaming dinosaur and then the hobgoblin too, for good measure! Vela jabs her spear at the hobgoblin, though it's a mere epilogue to Kiki's attacks.

(Attacks! 21 on Fire Raptor for 11 damage. Then 19 to hit for 10 damage...that's on raptor if it lives, or hobgoblin at I6 if it dies from the bite. Then 14 to hit for 7 damage. Vela gets 21 to hit for 3 damage, most likely on hob at I6 by this point, but if it died too, then the other hob.)


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