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D&D 5E EB's KotB: (Group 1) Courage of the Lions

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Rorik woke early to find Warain had prepared his breakfast. The youth was buzzing with excitement and Rorik did not relish having to tell him he wasn't coming with on this trip. Edgar had cleaned Rorik's armour as best he could and helped the knight into don it ready for their morning training with Warain. Warain proved full of aggression, that Rorik could turn against him, but when fighting Edgar the extra ferocity from the boy nearly broke through Edgar's defenses.

Edgar watched as the other assigned to the hunting expedition started to gather. He contemplated taking his horse with, but decided against it, no one else was mounted, and the beast would require quality food to be carried.

"Help Galan with the horse and try and find some quality river sand for our armour." Rorik told Warain, trying to lift the boy's spirits at being left behind. It didn't seem to help much though.

I agree that the farm should be our first stop." Rorik voiced as the party set off, Rorik watched as some of them jockeyed for position, he smiled to himself and settled in the middle with Edgar, quizzing the youth on his history and trying to get him to conjure a spark with the arcane language of magic.

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]
Passive Perception:
AC: 17
Initiative: -1
HP: 40/40 HD: 5/5d10

Greatsword: +7 5ft 2d6S (Heavy, 2 handed)
Shortsword: +7 5ft 1d6P (Finesse, Light)
Handaxe: +7 5ft 1d6S (Light, Thrown)
Handaxe: +7 20/60 1d6S (Light, Thrown)
Spell Save DC: 12

Second Wind (S): 1/1
Action Surge (S): 1/1

0th: Frostbite, Greenflame Blade
1st: Absorb Elements, Shield, Expeditious Retreat, Protection From Good and Evil[/SBLOCK]


OOC: Might want to put Edgar's mini stats in an sblock as well.

Aurelius has no trouble finding the Trill Farm north of Kendall Keep. A low stone wall surrounds a large garden, and in place it looks as if something plowed through the wall destroying it. At one of these spots Farmer Trill and a few work-hands are in the middle of repairing the wall.

farmer.jpg "Well look at all this steel. I sure hope you all are here to do some good," he says wiping his forehead with his sleeve. Then he notices Lindrel. "Or are you the lady's escort?" he says a bit confused.

Lindrel's lilting laugh is short as she says, "I flash as much steel as anyone here. We were sent from the Keep to look into your problem with a large burrowing creature. I take it you may have seen it," she points to the broken walls.


A bit of surprise shows through the farmer's face and then a large smile forms as what all these heavily armed warriors are doing. "Why yep. Yep indeed, we where hounded by a vicious burrowing monster. Broke into the field there as we were plowing, and went straight for Peridoc, our plow horse, and when it was done chewing on him, it broke out through the wall right here."

His face then takes on an expression of thought, "Haven't seen it for a couple days now. Couldn't tell you were it is, but sure hope you can stop it from eaten anymore of our horses."

"Good to hear there was no additional lose of life. Do you know anything of someone called the Bee Man?" Lindrel asks. "We thought he might be having the same troubles you have been having."


"The Bee-Man?" Farmer Trill looks over the group with a bit of suspicious on his face. "Your not out here to hurt the man are you?" he asks with maybe a bit gruffer voice than he intended. "He ain't never hurt no one and wishes only to be left alone."

OOC: Insight DC 12 everyone.


Slipper looks the man up and down from the safety of Derek's shadow, he liked people who grew food. They normally had lots of things to eat.


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