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D&D 5E EB's KotB: (Group 2) Soul of the Lions

Li Shenron

Realizing that she has no chance at communicating with the monsters, and that everyone else is already attacking it, Lorelei casts Hex on the swamp giant (bonus action, range 90ft) followed by Eldritch Blast (action, range 120ft).

two beams
1d10 force damage
1d6 necrotic damage
push 10ft away

Lorelei 2018-07-13 08:46:19 1d20+7; 1d10; 1d6 1D20+7 = [15]+7 = 22
1D10 = [2] = 2
1D6 = [2] = 2
1D20+7 = [19]+7 = 26
1D10 = [1] = 1
1D6 = [5] = 5
Eldritch Blast attack and damage (force); Hex damage (necrotic)

Assuming both beams hit, total damage is 4 force + 6 necrotic, and the swamp giant is pushed away 20ft due to Repelling Blast. Lorelei also chooses Strength as the target ability of Hex, so as long as she is concentrating, the swamp monster will have disadvantage on strength checks.

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OOC: STR check [roll0]

Unable to get to its meal the creature runs deeper into the woods. The group losses sight of it for the trees and brush, but they can still hear it as it runs off.

OOC: Start a chase or no?


OOC: Ungar wants to chase...knowing it is not the wisest action since protecting the workers is our priority, but he is in revenge mode and will side with those who wish to chase but is not dumb enough to go it alone

Li Shenron

OOC: Lorelei will stick with the party if they initiate a chase, but will be cautious about straying off too far from the workers we're supposed to protect and will make this remark clear to the others


Tassarion Liadon
Hullack Woods
Day 2/Evening
Round 2

Tassarion emerged silently from the woods behind Lorelei. “Are we following?” his raspy voice spoke, likely startling her. He glanced at the dead elf’s body as he passed it. With a gesture from his hand, he caused vines to grow over it, covering and protecting it from scavengers until they could return to give it proper respect. The vines blossomed into bright red flowers to make it easy for them to find again.

Tassarion set off with the others after the swamp creature.

Action: (Extra Attack): Druidcraft
Bonus Action:

[sblock=Mini Stats]
AC: 15
HP: 37/37
HD: 5/5 1d10+1
Arrows: 60
Arrows used: 0
Action Surge (1/R)
Second Wind (1/R)
Arcane Shot (2/2/R): Grasping Arrow or Seeking Arrow


OOC: And the chase is on.

Starting distance: 80'
Lead Purser: Erevan
Everyone can Dash #rounds = 3+ CON mod.
After this number DC10 CON check every round or suffer one level of exhaustion.
Everyone will get one turn, after taking your action (it is suggested you Dash but you may cast spells or make an attack if you are in range/have line of sight) roll a D20 - this is the next person in lines complication (can be nothing). I'll post this up as you are running in the forest.
After everyone in the group has taken a turn, the creature will make a Stealth check trying to beat the highest passive perception to lose the group.

Let's begin. No INIT order, will go by posting order.

Evervan dashes after the Giant, overtaking him easily.
OOC: Speed 50' with Dash action give move of 100'.
Bonus action: Expend a level 2 spell slot to regain [roll0] hit points.
Dashing round 1/5

As Dire Wolf:
Init: +7
AC 14
HP 36/37
Speed 50 ft.
Str 17, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 15, Wis 16, Cha 13
Perception +6, Stealth +6, Athletics +3
Advantage on Perception checks that rely on hearing or smell
Advantage on Attack rolls if an ally is within 5 feet of the target and not incapacitated
Bite: Melee weapon attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 2d6+3 piercing damage, plus knock prone (DC 13 Str save)

As Self:
Init: +8
AC 14
HP 34/34
HD 5/5d8
Speed 35
Wildshape: 1/2
Spells: 1st: 4/4, 2nd: 2/3, 3rd: 2/2
Alert: Can't be surprised if conscious. Don't grant advantage to hidden foes.

DM: d20 roll 1d20=10
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