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D&D 5E EB's KotB: (Group 1) Courage of the Lions

OOC: insight [roll0] I don't say the below if the info from the insight check makes it the wrong thing to say

"Hurt the man?" Jindrel asks. "We told you we are hunting the land shark. We are hoping you had seen the Bee Man recently and knew if he has seen the monster? Why would anyone hurt the Bee Man?"

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farmer.jpg "Well," Farmer Trill starts to say a bit sheepishly. "About a week ago he rattled some folk with his talk of monsters from the past, and the 'death which comes in the night'. And we found him in some sort of trance after that spouting some mumbo-jumbo that noone could make out. When we shook him out of it, the ground started to quake and we all thought the land-shark was coming to swallow us, but it never showed."

The farmer looks off towards the woods as if he is looking in on the old hermit. "He doesn't hurt anyone and just wanted to be left to his bees and flowers. And we are all for that because he trades in mead, and it is some mighty fine stuff, but he hasn't made any in quite some time. Not sure what's going on, I thought maybe someone stupid went and hired people like yourselves to stop the Bee-Man before he hurt someone. Sorry I jumped to a conclusion there."

OOC: He seems worried about the Bee-Man, and why he has recently changed. Your insight gives you the feeling that he also worries someone may think the old hermit dangerous and want to get to him before he hurts anyone.

"Well, we are not aware of anyone wanting to see the Bee Man hurt." Lindrel says. "We were just hoping he might have more information about the land shark. If he's been acting weirder than normal, perhaps we should see if there's an outside source of this behavior. If I remember the area map, his stead would be in that direction. Do you know any convenient trails we might follow to get there without getting lost?"


"Lost," the farmer says with a wide grin. "If you check in on the Bee-Man you can't get lost. Just follow the bees or your nose. Haha! His glade is full of wildflowers of every color and description, you can't miss it."


"Good hunting," Farmer Trill calls as the group heads north towards the forest.

It is less than fifteen minutes when the group arrives at the edge of the forest. There is no campsite of lumberjacks about, but by the numerous tree stumps in one area they must have been here once before. There is no path into the wooded area, but you do notice a couple bees buzzing about at some random wildflowers.

OOC: Just to make certain, we are heading to the Bee-Man's glade. Or you could follow the treeline back towards the keep(southeast) and perhaps run into the lumberjacks. I'm good either way, trying not to railroad you, but to many options would probably slow us down even more.

Lindrel looks at her companions. "I suspect we can find the lumberjack camp faster than we can find the Bee Man. But which place is more likely to attract the land shark. One man and his beehives or a camp of lumberjacks, pack animals, possibly a chicken coop or two, etc. Maybe we make sure the lumberjacks are safe first."

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