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D&D 5E EB's KotB: (Group 2) Soul of the Lions

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Li Shenron

Lorelei will pursue at normal speed and uses her action to cast Eldritch Blast at the swamp giant again, if she is within range (120ft). Otherwise if she can see that she is out of range, she'll Dash in order to get closer but she will still stay far enough so that the monster can't suddenly turn around and attack her in melee, using her best judgement to estimate the distances.



Ungar moves after the swamp creature. Realizing the creature has the ability to evade him in this terrain, he calls on the terrain itself to assist in it's capture. Raising his shield to the canopy he beckons to the flora around the swamp giant while twisting and weaving his handaxe in a circular motion as he moves forward, encouraging the plants to rise and grow. The foliage encompasses the giants path for quite a distance around threatening to overtake his allies, but with a signal of the dwarfs hand the plants seem to ignore his party members while restricting the giants movement.

note: War Caster feat allowing cast in combat with weapon and shield in hand

Move: 25'
Action: cast [sblock='Plant Growth'](instant, range 150', 100' radius set 30 feet behind of the giant (50' from Ungars starting point, or 25' from his current location), all movement reduced to 1' per 4' of movement except for party members who are to be excluded, which should be all of us at this point now if the others moved up [/sblock]
Bonus Action: Move the Spiritual spear 20' toward the swamp creature
Free Object Interaction:

[sblock=Mini Stats]
AC: 18 (chain 16, Shield+2)
Main hand: Hand Axe ( Spear thrown)
Off Hand: Shield
HP: 51/51
HD: 5/5 1d8+3
Channel Divinity (1/R)
Spellcasting: Spell Attack Modifier= +6 Spell Save DC= 14
Spell Slots (1st level(4/4), 2nd level (2/3), 3rd level (1/2)
Character Sheet


Tassarion Liadon
Hullack Woods
Day 2/Evening
Round 0

Speed: 35’
Dash: 0/4, then DC 10 Con check every round or 1 level of exhaustion
Complication: Complication: 1D20 = [4] = 4
Perception: Perception: 1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18

Tassarion raced through the trees after the swamp giant, dancing over fallen logs and keeping the creature in sight. He pulled two arrows from his quiver and fired them at the beast.

Move: 35’
Action: (Extra Attack): Attack 1: Longbow: 1D20+8 = [14]+8 = 22
1D8+3 = [1]+3 = 4

Attack 2: Longbow: 1D20+8 = [5]+8 = 13
1D8+3 = [7]+3 = 10

Bonus Action:

[sblock=Mini Stats]
AC: 15
HP: 37/37
HD: 5/5 1d10+1
Arrows: 60
Arrows used: 0
Action Surge (1/R)
Second Wind (1/R)
Arcane Shot (2/2/R): Grasping Arrow or Seeking Arrow


The dire wolf charges into the woods after the swamp giant, losing sight of it for a moment. He has to pause and sniff the air then takes up the chase once more.

OOC: Complication for you is a 4 - A dry stream bed impedes your way. Need to make a DC 10 STR(Athletics) or DEX(Acrobatics) check to navigate without it becoming difficult terrain.

As for the rest of you.

The rest of the group turns towards the forest to give chase, when suddenly a huge insectiod like creature burst through the ground in your path. Lorelei and Tassarion are quick on the attack, and hit it with arrow and magical energy, just as it spits out a blast of acid at the dwarf right in front of it.

OOC: Ungar DEX save DC 13 or [roll0] Acid DMG - Note your spell went off no problem, slowing down the swamp giant.

Erevan, as dire wolf
AC:14, HP:25/37, HD 5/5, WS: 1/2, Spells; 4/2/2/0
AC:15, HP:37/37, HD 5/5, SW: 1/1, Action: 1/1, AShot: 2/2
AC:15, HP:19/19, HD 5/5, Portent: 17, 18; AR:1/1, Spells; 4/2/2/0, mage armor, mirror image(3), 7/10 rounds
AC:18, HP:51/51, HD 5/5, CD: 1/1, Spells; 4/2/2/0, spiritual weapon 7/10 rounds
AC:15, HP:35/35, HD 5/5, FP: 1/1, Spells; 2/2 (3rd lvl), resistance 6/10 rounds

AC:14, 42/66 HP[/sblock]


OOC: Just an obstruction, so with the failed save let's say you came out at a particularly wide/deep incline. And now the lose the party roll. Hmmm...

Advantage - jungle camoflage/really big plants to hide behind
Disadvantage - Slowed down by the Plant Growth spell
Advantage - Party lost sight of creature
Dsadvantage - Everan can "smell" him out

So normal roll - [roll0]


The dire wolf comes to a dry stream bed and sniffs the air, he knows he is still on the creatures trail even thouigh it is weaving in and out of the forest trying to lose him.


The rest of the group have their hands full as a gout of acid burns the forearm and side of Ungar.

OOC: Group is up.


Erevan has no trouble following the giant's trail and, except for the sandy patch in the creek bed, no trouble keeping up. But now it seems to have gone to ground.
OOC: Last round, the giant moved to a point 80 feet ahead of Erevan, and Erevan immediately followed, with movement of 100 feet (minus the width of difficult terrain). This round, the giant (with his movement hindered by the plant growth) has moved and attempted to Hide. Can Erevan catch up to him with movement of 50 feet and Attack?

(If yes)
[roll3], plus knocked prone unless DC 13 Strength save is made

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