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D&D 5E EB's KotB: (Group 1) Courage of the Lions

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"Seen it? Yes, yes the thing has been hounding us for almost a tenday now." one of the men whispers to the bard. "It always..."

"We're here to kill the beast, if its attracted to noise, then noise we shall make.
A good distance from you all, however."

All the men wince at the loud outburst, and as the silence grows you notice them looking everywhere and grip their woodaxes tighter.


OOC: So plan making time. You learn from the loggers that chopping at the trees draws the creature to the area.
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Slipper watches the nervous men carefully, obviously this creature wasn't all knowing as the men in front of him were clearly alive. Glancing at the larger, armoured individuals in his group he shifted away twenty paces to give himself some breathing room and looked for a sturdy tree.

He quickly scampered up it, his bow across his back and nestled comfortably between several large branches. Taking down his bow, he waited.

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Aurelius whispers "I think we should find a nice spot and try chopping some trees ourself to draw it out. It's not like I don't know anmything about swinging an axe."



"That seems to be a good plan for a swift ending to this. These men look as though they could use a rest." Turning to the woodcutters he added, louder than they would like, "May we borrow some axes - then we'll go over there and make some noise."

"An excellent idea. How far away shall we go?" Lindrel asks. "I'll stand a bit away as well as might strengths do not lie in fighting large beasts."


The lumber jacks hand Rorik and Aurelius each a woodcutter's axe before moving slowly away from the forest.

OOC: Please give me your location on the map below.


Lindrel points toward I10 and N8. "Those who can swing an ax should probably work there and there while the rest of us surround the area. This way the bulette can only surprise one of us at a time." She moves over to G17 and leans against that tree. "Someone else should move up that way (the north corridor). So they can reach whoever stands there (N8) quickly. Unless someone has a better idea?"


Derek moves to the middle of the open field (L12), and draws his sword and battle axe. Holding them loosely in each hand, he waits, bouncing on his toes.

(Going to continually use the Dodge Action until the monster appears.)

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