D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - OOC (FULL)


Welcome everyone to the final start of my Campaign Craziness HAHA (until something new comes out this year)

So my thoughts when it came to character generation was to use options out of a book I see gets little use. The Sword Coast Adventure's Guide. I have seen a background here or a variant there, but on a whole except for use with location info a lot of the stuff contained within goes unused. So I'm hoping to see the creative juices flowing from the group as we build a party to take on this mega-adventure.

- 4d6(HIGH 3) six times and then assign as you wish - This is something else I think doesn't get used enough. I believe half the fun is working with what the dice gods give you and this always leads to some interesting personas.

- PHB plus
-- gray dwarf
-- deep gnome
-- ghostwise halfling
-- half-elf variants (all but aquatic)
-- tiefling variants (all but winged)
-- aasimar (protector or scourge only)

Note: Only one character in the party may be from an Underdark Race. And we will be using the human language option (pg.112).

STARTING LVL 1 <multiclassing not allowed until reaching 4th lvl>
Following classes and options only to start:

- Battlerager
- Totem (elk or tiger)
- Domain; Arcana
- Purple Dragon Knight
- Way of the Long Death
- Way of the Sun Soul
- Oath of the Crown
- Mastermind
- Swashbuckler
- Storm Sorcery
- Wild Magic
- The Undying
- Arcane Traditions; Bladesinger or War

- When multiclassing you are free to chose any class/option in the PHB, SCAG, or XGE
- Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards must take one of the following cantrips as part of their known cantrips: booming blade, green-flame blade, lightning lure, or sword burst

- SCAG only

- are allowed

- any but evil

- Max starting wealth for your chosen class to buy equipment. Plus group may pool leftover gold to buy group healing potions if they wish.

Hit Points:
- Max HP at all lvls

Special Note: Arguments can be made to add in other class options (Barbarian Bear Totem) or even classes (Ranger/Hunter, fave enemy-giants fits the game nicely), but that usually leads to five seperate characters instead of a group of heroes. I would like us as a group to build up the party given the SCAG limitation. If as we discuss options and what not it seems a second full healer would be best, but two Arcana Clerics is a bit much, we could look into other options.[/sblock]

The group will start out together, so something else we will be looking into doing is linking them together and then having them set out for the settlement of Nightstone. I will be making suggestions, using hooks in the adventure, and adding in what background info where I can to help out. But on the whole the group will be young heroes setting out to find adventure.

1. Searinox Nagharha elf wizard (bladesong)
2. JustinCase - human warlock (undying)
3. jumucchiello - human rogue (swashbuckler)
4. tgalssy human cleric (arcane)
5. hero4hire halfling barbarian (totem warrior)
6. FitzTheRuze half-orc fighter (purple knight)

Rouge's Gallery
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note from a Count Thullen of Lyn Armaal - possible magical cloud giant
the Nightstone may have been stolen by cloud giants believing it to be one of their Ostorian Stones

GP: 20
SP: 08
CP: 00

potion of healing

bracelet of copper disks (value 200gp)

alchemist fire
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ow I would Love to build a Bladesinger ^^ i'll actually be albe to re-build my charater i have in a RL game ;)

are we allowed to use spells from XGE from the start? could create a nice dmg/control hero then i think


ow I would Love to build a Bladesinger ^^ i'll actually be albe to re-build my charater i have in a RL game ;)

are we allowed to use spells from XGE from the start? could create a nice dmg/control hero then i think

You may use the spells from XGE - just have to have the one cantrip stipulation is all.

no problem, propably will take 2 ;)

question; as a Half-Elf do i have to take a Variant Version or can i take the PHB one? either way I'm good, just checking
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First Post
Is anyone taking the underdark race option? If not, I'd like to grab it. If so, I'm okay; I can work the character another way.

Either way, this will be quite interesting. I'm building a paladin.

Race: Male Half-Elf
Background: Clan Crafter
Class: Wizard

10 = +0
Dexterity 14 (13+1) = +2
Constitution 13 = +1
Charisma 13 (11+2) = +1
Wisdom 5 = -3
Intelligence 16 (15+1) = +3

Size Medium
Darkvision: 60 feet
Fey Ancestry: Advantage on saves vs charms and magic can't put you to sleep.
Skills: Acrobatics, Arcana, History, Insight, Investigation, Persuasion
Languages: Common, Elvish, Sylvan, Dwarven
Tools: Smithing Tools
Background Feature: Respect of the Stout Folk As well respected as clan crafters are among outsiders, no one esteems them quite so highly as dwarves do. You always have free room and board in any place where shield dwarves or gold dwarves dwell, and the individuals in such a settlement might vie among themselves to determine who can offer you (and possibly your compatriots) the finest accommodations and assistance.

Proficiancy: +2
Speed: 30feet
Initiative: +2
Class: Wizard
Saving throws: Inteligence, Wisdom

Dagger: +4 To Hit, 1D4+2 Piercing
Rapier: +2 To Hit, 1D8+2 Piercing

Attack Bonus: +5 To Hit
Spell Save DC: 13
Booming Blade
Mage Hand

First Level;
Find Familiar, Ice Knife, Identify, Shield

Spell Book:
First Level:

Absorb Elements
Find Familiar
Ice Knife
Mage Armor


Gold left; ~62
Arcane Focus
: Four Ornate Throwing knives connected with a short chain to eachother.
Weapons: Rapier, Dagger
Book of Lore
Bottle of ink
Ink Pen
20 Parchment
Bag of Sand
Small Knife
Smith's Tools
a maker's mark chisel used to mark your handiwork with the symbol of the clan of crafters you learned your skill from

[sblock="DESCRIPTION and HISTORY"]HISTORY: The first years of Searinox's live weren't terrible, beeing raised in a Human Settlement as a Half-Elf means that you will always be the odd one out. Not that he was excluded or shunned by other kids, but he was always 'pointy ear', 'Elf-boy', ect. But he had learned to live with it. At around age 5 unfortunatly, his Human mother fell ill and rather close after died of said illness. After this his Elven father decided to move back, back to his home town and take Searinox with him. At first Searinox was excited about this, he would miss the friends he had but due to how people saw him, he saw himself as an Elf. This however confidence was quickly crushed as while his father was greated rather warmly and with open arms, he was treated more as an outsider. More, as a Human. This was rather conflicting for himself, and he quickly found himself as an outsider. It seemed the only reason he was accepted at all was because of his Father.
And thus Searinox quickly found himself, more often then not, playing allong the woodlands. He was often warned that the forests could be dangerous, but since the only person he really had a relationship with was his father he didn't have much else to do.
One day however, he saw something on the edge of the forest. A small light edged him to follow, and curiosity quickly got the better of him and he did.
After what seemed like a few minutes he found himself in a wide open clearing, with a small gazebo at the center. At the gazebo sat a Elven girl, roughly the same age as Searinox. As he got closer she turned out to be alot nicer then the Elven children back 'Home' and the two quickly became friends. As the hours went past and it got dark, Searinox had decided that he should head back. When he did, he found that the way back was alot easier then he thought. Once he finally got home his Father was lost for words. What for him had seemed like a few hours had actually been 2 days. He himself had no idea what had happened and when the elders were getting angry at him that he was "breaking taboo" only turned him into more of an outsider. And in turn, the only companion he ever truely had was the Elven girl at the gazebo. Tethra was her name, and she was like the sister he never had.
After a few years however, a tragedy befell the village. After returning from another day out, he found the village ablaze. It had been swarmed by a great force and apparently about half the village was slain. Thats about the only thing he could figure out for soon after the villagers saw him he was quickly pinned as the Scapegoat for everything and the sole reason that the village was ravaged by 'evil fey'.
After running for what seemed for days from the villagers he eventually found himself back at the clearing where where he first met Tethra. There he told her what had happened and simply broke down. After which she offered him to live with her here, in the wilds. Seeing no real other option he agreed and thus spend his growing years beeing raised in the Wilds. During the course of the following years Tethra thought him how to Fight, how to use Magic and how to fuse the two together. He also found out that Tethra was actually a Fey creature bound to these woods, which he knew pained her greatly. Over the course of this time Searinox figured out that there might be a way for him to release her from this bond. Around her neck she wore a necklace, hanging from it was a single silver sliver. Part of a weapon that belonged Tethra and was shattered once the was bound, the pieces scattered far and wide. Searinox took it upon himself to find these pieces and release her from these unfair bonds. Leaving his Word behind in exchange for the necklace.
Once set out on his journey he in all fairness had no idea where to go, and for years aimlessly roamed around. At one point he had heared of the craftsmenship of the Stout Folk and quickly send out north. Hoping to find some guidance. Once there he started asking around for myths, legends, rumors, anything that could help him. He quickly found out that the Dwarves wouldn't quickly give away this information. Searinox however, also found himself quickly enthralled by the dwarven weaponsmiths. It was at this point a thought sparked in his mind, "If I am unable to find her weapon. Perhaps I can craft one for her?". And thus he set out to find a Dwarven Master to teach him the art of forging weaponry. It was a long search, and most wouldn't share there craft with a non-Dwarf. One dwarf saw the potential in Searinox, a rowdy happy go lucky dwarf he simply learned to know as Rafn Bladebeard.
His following years were rough but rewarding, and he quickly became known in close circles as the go to person for more finesse weapons and fine detailed work. He even turned his hand to the creation of weapons with magical effects, however this proved to be beyong his skills still.
After several years he felt the urge to move on, to continue his search for the parts of Tethra's weapon. Upon leaving Rafn bestowed him with his very own Maker's Mark Chisel, blending the blacksmiths double bladed war axe with a ravens feather.

and thus his tale continues here

APPEARANCE: Searinox has a rather lean build, and stands about 5'10" tall. he has wavey dirty blond hair reaching his shoulders and a beard neatly trimmed along his jawline with the hair on his chin braided ending in a small Dwarven Bead. The only real indication of his Elven parent are his ears and his Purple hued eyes.


"I believe anything worth doing is worth doing right. I can;t help it, I'm a Perfectionist."
Ideal: "I work hard to be the best there is at Smithing."
Bond: "One day, I willl return to my guild and prove that I am the greatest artisan of them all."
Flaw: "I'll do just about anything to get my hands on something rare or priceless


thats it for now xD getting late here so will finish it tomorrow
kinda lost on his allignment tho, either LN or GN... tho i always get those right xD
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