D&D 5E E's Tomb of Annihilation

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K’lahu tried to suppress a grin as the group debated punching Taban in the crotch. “It’s not far it’s just a twenty minute walk or so.”

K’lahu waited a few moments to let the group finish their meal and gather their equipment, and then she led them through the streets of Port Nyanzaru and out the gate towards a rundown house in Malar’s Throat. Without knocking K’lahu and her two guards walked through the door.

Standing inside was a large man who was wearing studded leather armor, as K’lahu and the guards entered the room he picked up his spear and shield.

“There will be no need for that Taban, I’ve just come to collect what you owe me, just pay up and there will be no issues.”

Taban looked at the guards and the group as they entered the room, “So you think you bring some mute muscle and I’d just cough up the money. I’ve fought ten men at once in the arena, what makes you think this bunch is so special?”


Port Nyanzeru/Malar’s Throat
5:24 PM

Lily skipped along the street with the others. As they went, however, she started shedding her colorful outer clothes, stuffing them into her bag, until she was back down to her dark leathers. She pulled her hood up and checked the multitude of daggers hidden about her person, the blades all blacked and sharpened.

They reached the house to find a defiant Taban ready for a fight.

"Still think he'll stand still and let you do what you said, Lily?" Oskeld turned to whisper to her.

But Lily wasn’t there.

Stealth: 1D20+7 = [20]+7 = 27

(Natural 20!)

Hiding behind the bigs, Lily had vanished. She snuck around the edge of the room and behind the big gladiator. He was tall enough that she could edge up between his legs.

And then she punched him in the franks and beans with the pommel of her dagger.

Then she giggled like a schoolgirl and gave Oskeld a thumbs up.

Move: Sneak around behind Taban
Action: Stealth with advantage from hidden, sneak attack: 2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [14, 20]+5 = 25
1D4+1D6+3 = [3]+[6]+3 = 12

Extra crit damage: 1D4+1D6 = [1]+[5] = 6
Total Damage = 21
Bonus Action: EDIT (forgot off hand attack): Off-hand attack advantage: 2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=19798917, 17]+5 = 22
1D4 = [3] = 3


AC: 15 (studded leather)
HP: 8/8 HD: 1/1d8
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Anticipating the end of diplomacy, Burk giggles and readies his shield before skipping forward and positioning himself just out of the reach of Taban's spear and replies to Taban's challange, "Because we go right for the jewels, my good man!"


Ugh! Taban groaned as he stumbled to his right barely kept hold of his spear. K’lahu and her guards seem stunned by the unexpected developments

That is too good. With Taban being a little out of sorts I am going have every PC get in a surprise round.

Taban Initiative: 1D20+2 = [15]+2 = 17
[/[url=http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=198041]NPC initiative: 1D20 = [11] = 11

AC 16 studded leather and shield
HP 88/112
3 Spear attacks +7 5ft 2d6+4 piercing
Parry +3 [/sblock]

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