Eternals (Spoilers)

Here is a side note for future MCU/Fantastic Four stuff. It seems in the comics that Galactus was actually afraid of Tiamut, and now the MCU version of Tiamut is dead. If that is used at all in the MCU, maybe they just shift this fear to be about a different Celestial or maybe Galactus will have no fear if/when he does show up. But also considering in the comics that Arishem and Tiamut were rivals, having Tiamut just being born now throws all that out the window. And wow, did they decide to upsize the Celestials a lot for the MCU. According to the comics history of the Celestials, there are at least three that are buried on Earth. I know almost nothing of them from the comic books, so this was a crazy read:


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Hypothesis: Ego was deliberately targeting the other celestials. All the worlds where he planted his seeds contained embryonic celestials, the purpose of the seeds was to absorb their power. All the "I'm so lonely" stuff was nothing but a sob story to try and get Peter onside. In which case he would have taken steps to make certain his activities where concealed from any other celestials.

Maybe Ego tinkered with the deviants in order to create a distraction.

One other possibility regarding how different Ego is from the other Celestials is that maybe the term "Celestial" is more of a general classification of beings that operate at a certain cosmic scale. There could be as many types of Celestial as there are species of mammal.
So basically like the creatures rolling marbles at the end of the first Men in Black movie.


My wife and I are with the critics on this one. While we liked the backstory, the movie was boring for us. We could not relate to any of the characters and the acting was wooden. A good thing we saw it on Disney+ for 'free' instead of paying full price.
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