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Putting the joke aside, I've always seen hps as toughness. When you lose hps, your toughness is being taxed and depleted. YOu're not getting an actual injury - just scuffs and bruises. Fire breathes dragon and deals 48 fire damage to you? Well, you turned your body away and protected your vulnerable parts. It took a bit out of you, but you didn't actually get third degree burns across your entire body.

So why does cure wounds work on you, then? Well, I treat it as curing those scuffs and bruises while it refreshes you. It doesn't fix your real wounds, right? If someone blinds you by sticking a stixk in your eye, cure light wounds taking you to fll does not restore your vision, right? Other spells restore your lost functionality.

This explanation works really well for me.


HP are “no” points. DM says “the orc kills you”, you say “no”.

DM says “the orc really wants you dead” with 9 “I-want-to-kill-you” points. As long as you answer with 9 “no-I-won’t-die” points, the orc doesn’t kill you.

If the orc wants you more dead than your ability to say no, you die.


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