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D&D (2024) [+] Future of The SRD Speculation Thread


I'll be honest, I didn't think they were serious about that, even at the time.
I mean, I have every expectation that we will see these still. It took two years to get the 5E SRD, and this is more of a natural backburner project like the 5E older Edition conversion document

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Adding in the monsters and stuff from the Basic Set to the SRD would be nice. Lots of people mistake the basic set as the SRD and use non-OGC stuff from there in OGL products.

I 100% think that they won't be focusing on the older SRDs until after the revised books are released. It's a business decision that I think makes sense. They need to focus on the flagship release. They can still fudge it up if they call it in and half-ass it by spreading their staffing resources thin.

But I will expect them to follow through by... 2026? sigh Jeebus. Time flies.
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4e was never in the OGL and doesn't have a usable SRD. It is a different animal. Moving previous editions is still listed as in there plans. Notice it is listed as "upcoming." They are clearly focusing on the core books.

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The prior update (March 2023) had the SRD review under "In Progress." We're going backwards, not forwards, here.
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2-4 new classes... eventually.

My belief is that the current heads of design in official D&D are already stretched thin on their personal preferred creativity on subclasses for the core twelve.

If this half/not a edition is to last over 5 years, they might eventually be forced to sell classes to sell books. Subclassses big sellers but you need classes as a vehicle. So I see artificer and up to 3 new classes joining the SRD in order to entice purchases of their subclasses. By 2030.


I would be shocked to find out they were working on it at all. Everyone immediately caved when they put the anemic 5E srd in CC and stopped holding their feet to the fire.


B/X Known World
What do I think they’ll do, nothing at all or the bare minimum. They might update the SRD, they might not. They made a lot of promises and most they haven’t followed through on.

What I want them to do is go through the entire history of the game and release an OGL and CC-BY version of the full rules, sans specific IP, of every single version of the game from OD&D to all the Basics to 4E and the upcoming revisions.

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