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D&D 5E Good spellcaster multiclass with Arcane Archer


I am thinking up an Arcane Archer for an upcoming game. Wondering how I should plan to build her. The character is going to be a variant Human and I think I am going to take Fey touched feat, with Hex as the 1st level spell. So I will already have that (and misty step).

I think I want a spellcaster of some sort, partially so I can get some more slots and use more than once a Long Rest. I am probably looking at a three or four level dip

Since I want to push intelligence high wizard is an obvious choice, not sure which subclass. Maybe diviner for portent and making someone fail a save for one of my arcane shots. I thought about bladesinger, that would be nice for when not using a bow and thrown darts can be used with sharpshooter while in bladesong.

Another choice is Ranger, which is a half-caster. That would give me another fighting style (defense?) and horizon walker to do some extra damage. Requires me to push Wisdom to at least 13.

I also thought about Warlock. Lot's of options there. Devil's sight would be a nice bonus for a human.

Any Bard options that would work? I never played a Bard before and I am not too familiar with that.

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IMO, I think Ranger would be an interesting fit. Stats can be compromised for fun. Going ranger would get you a second fighting style and Canny, as well as Hunter's Mark, as well as some other feature spells, as well as some spell slots. Arcane Archer lets you be nature-themed, so I think it adds up all together. Not to mention, Horizon walker lets you use your bonus action for something you may be doing nothing with.

Warlock would get you access to a whole realm of things too, though. Hexblade archer has obvious merit for keeping your bow with you, and you can have some cantrips.

If you really want more magic, then Wizard would be in your best interest. I am not overwhelmingly familiar with Bard, but each time I look into it, I dislike what I see; it is not to my preference.

If you're willing to go for something INT based and a half caster, Artificer could play into your bow build pretty well too with repeating shot freeing up your ammo, as well as some cantrips and support items. If you went Artillerist, you could use your bonus action for your cannon of preference, but stuff like this depends more on your character vision.

I don't think there's any wrong choices, but I would go Wizard (for magic), Ranger (for martial enhancement and a lil bit of magic) or Warlock (Ranger but inverted).