D&D 5E Grappler 6 Lore bard/X Rune Knight


Hello everyone,
i was thinking about this grappling build as in the post name:

Basically Enlarge give him the chance to get Huge and go to grapple even gargantuan creatures, ill get some spell like cloud of daggers or moonbeam and bring the enemies there inside, or using the Jump spell for deal falling damage (and i dont understand if after falling they are still grappled and prone or not, how this work?) if im using fear for frightning them while grappled, expertise on atheltics, cutting words for dont let they get free from my hands, lv 6th bard for counterspell with jack of all trades and i still dont know what else...is this going to work well?

Starting with 5 lv rune knight, than i supposed to get 6 lv lore bard and go on with the fighter till the end.

For the stat for a Vhuman i though something like:
STR 16
CON 14
WIS 10
CHA 16

For the feat im not sure because i have 2 different routes in mind, one that include the defense fighting style and Tavern Brawler, fighting with 2 free hands, and one with Unarmed fighting style and Shield Master, so with just one hand free. So the first thing i would like to ask is which combo FS/feat do you think work better for this character?
Of course TB or SM would be the feat choosen at 1st lv for Vhuman.

From there i would get +2 STR at 4th lv, Mobile 9th lv, +2 CON 12 Lv, Though 15th Lv
I think mobile will be useful for go get and walk with monsters grappled, but im not sure if its really needed as maybe there is something more useful i didnt think about...even just +2 STR, alert or mage slayer (Cant choose lucky with my DM rules)...

Have you some other idea about how to optimize this build and/or some other good Grappler build? I was considering also a beast barb multiclassed with rune knight, but it gonna lose spellcasting, expertise, jack of all trades, for get the tail for attack while grapling, rage, rackless attack and resistence while raging a bit redundant with the rune feature. Probably diping bard is much better...
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