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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Those who speak Ancient Baklunish have a 40% translation ability for Eryptian, because the two languages are similar.

If you made your listen check, and Ancient Baklunish is a language you speak, click the spoiler below.

Ancient Baklunish has a 40% similarity rate to Eryptian.

I rolled percentile dice for each phrase. Under 40, you understood it. Over 40, you didn't.

Wendol #1: "What happened? Did they resist?"

Wendol #2: "They said we murdered their Chieftain. We told them he gave his life willingly to Nerull. They didn't believe us. So we did what we had to do."

Wendol #1: "Aghyt Wernbedi?"

Wendol #2: "No, without their leadership, they were easy to squash."

Wendol #1: "Gertok. Imbera ghular sevre Nerull delio, ghular sevre Nerull dim morto. Cimbe rhutarro do, tik Muchala Crondi duchilo a buno spikona a buno a mer."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawke Listen Check: (1d20+7) - 10 = 7 (Success)
Nimbar Listen Check: (1d20+6) - 10 = 2 (Failed)

Hawke wakes up when he hears the noises, but he can't seem to make out what they're saying.

Hawke whispers, "What are they saying?"

Aust Thale

Listen check =12; success; speaks Eryptian = success

To Hawke: “The Wendol slaughtered the Kobolds.
Looking at the others, “These Wendol should be made to be short for this Oerth.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx, whose attention was piqued by the voices and can fully understand Eryptian, says, "Bloody butchers those highwaymen are! They are following the orders of some priestess, who obviously controls quite a bit of power. I hate necromancers! Strategically, I am thinking that it may be to our advantage to take out the hired help before going right at the those 'Vendo' as Nimbar was calling them. Sounds like there will be no need to go back at the kobolds."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawke nods, "These Wendol are not warriors; they are murderers. They have no honor at all. They need to be eradicated like a disease. Sir Walter can wait, this evil cannot be borne. We must stop the Wendol before their power becomes too great. But first things first. Why don't you rest now, Sphynx, and I will relieve you. And yes, I agree, we need to strike at the minions first, before going for the Wendol themselves."

Aust Thale

After sleeping his full measure, Quixt is up early. He selects his daily spells carefully, and meditates, memorizing them from his spell-book specifically for battle. He then offers to share his scrolls with the others once they are awake, hastily describing his collection:

Identify (1), Floating Disc (4), Mount (4), Endure Elements (1), Knock (2nd Caster Level) (1), Disguise Self (1)
Detect Secret Doors (1), Detect Undead (1), Alarm (2), Feather Fall (1)

Blindness/Deafness (2CL) (1), True Strike (2), Hypnotism (1), Grease (1), Sleep (1), Charm Person (1), Enlarge (1), Reduce Person (1), Obscuring Mist (1), Summon Monster I (2), Disrupt Undead (1), Magic Missile (1), Ray of Enfeeblement (1)

Quixt is reserving two (2) scrolls, Mage Armor & Power Word: Pain, for his own use.

He is agreeable to engaging in any strategy that involves sneak attacks. He has no preference whether to hit the Wendol directly or their scouts and/or henchmen first.

"We should circle back around to the Kobold lair. The tunneling equipment might prove useful, and one of these caves...or perhaps both the kobold lair as well as this cave, would be an effective place to plan attacks. We should keep the brigands guessing."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
XP Award Breakdown:
CR 2 x 6 = 3600
CR 4 x 2 = 2700
CR 3 x 1 = 900

SUB-TOTAL: 7200 / 5 = 1,440 each char (combat)

Story Awards:
Destroy Staff = [Already awarded]
Kill Chieftain = 1,000 each char
Kill Queen = 500 each char
Discover Chief's Secret = 1,500 each char

TOTAL: Each character receives 4,440 experience points.

GRAND TOTAL (Including the previously awarded 3,500 xp for destroying
the staff):

7,940 experience points.

Please refer to the following post for information on downtime & training requirements:

This would allow some of the party members (for example, Hawke) to gain 2
levels at once. (Hawke's XP = 8500... plus 7,940 = 16,440, which would make him 6th level.)

Even with self-training below 10th level, by the OTTER system, it should take Hawke a total of ((4 x 5) + (4 x 6)) = 44 days, or 1.5 months worth of downtime to advance those levels.

In the interests of story continuity, I would be willing to suspend the downtime period, and allow the party to simply rest and "level up" instantly, but with the proviso that the downtime will occur at a later point (when the story allows it);

I will need everyone to consent to this; please vote YEAH or NEIGH in LINE chat. If the party agrees to this, then everyone may apply this experience and level up their characters accordingly.

I think the new characters (Quixt and Ordred) were brought in at 1 xp pt. below 4th level; so their xp total will go to: (5,999 + 7,940) = 13,939 xp. (Just 1,061 xp. shy of 6th level.) So everyone will gain a level, beyond the shadow of a doubt. And the new characters won't have far to go to catch up completely with the original party members.



Creator of The Untamed Wilds
"We should circle back around to the Kobold lair. The tunneling equipment might prove useful, and one of these caves...or perhaps both the kobold lair as well as this cave, would be an effective place to plan attacks. We should keep the brigands guessing."
Sphynx listens with interests. "I like this orchestrating from two posts idea. I agree it is a good strategy. It may make theses brigands think that they are dealing with a larger force. We, meaning the three of us before we met you and Ordred, were able to cause some confusion doing the same thing, to the point the denizens were willing to blame and go at one another."

Though the rest period is short, Sphynx is grateful and needs little of it for actual sleep or refreshment. He spends some time off by himself, experimenting with the addition of bone dust as a component for the magical sleep spell he bastardized from Nimbar's casting.
d20 + 11: 18 + 11 = 29
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Planting 3, CY 576, 2:25 AM.

At almost 12:30 a.m., everyone is awake. Ordred begins praying for his spells, and Nimbar and Quixt both take out their spellbooks and begin studying them.

Nimbar looks at Quixt, "Didn't figure you for the spellcasting type."

Quixt simply smiles and nods.

Hawke looks over Nimbar's shoulder, reading his spellbook; "This doesn't look so hard. Most of it looks like Draconic. Wait...what does that symbol mean right there?" Hawke puts his index finger in the middle of the page that Nimbar is reading.

Nimbar answers a few of Hawke's questions, but finally shoos him away, with an annoyed tone.

Nimbar says, "I need to study, go away! If you're serious about learning spellcraft, you can borrow my spellbook when we get back to the keep. Until then, keep your mouth shut, you big oaf!"

Hawke nods in agreement, "Sir Walter always did say that I had the brains for it, if I would only apply myself. He was always encouraging me to try; but I never was interested, before now. But the more I see you throwing spells against these cretins, the more useful it looks, and the more intriguing the thought becomes to me. I could be... a spell warrior! Ha ha!"

Nimbar frowns, "They're called Spellswords, and there's actually a school for training in Chendl. When we get back, why don't you apply, and spend a few years there?"

Hawke snorts with a chuckle, "Chendl? You mean the capitol city? That's far and gone from Willip... we'd never see each other."

Nimbar grins mischievously, "My point, exactly."

Hawke takes the insult on the chin, realizing that Nimbar is simply aggravated, and desirous of his quiet time. He smiles and nods, giving Nimbar the space he needs to finish memorizing his spells.

During the party's quiet time, the party notices that sounds of activity have grown frequent, almost constant, outside in the ravine. There is much excitement as the other humanoids learn of the fate of the Kobold tribe.

Finally, near the end of the party's rest period, just as everyone is finishing their spell preparation (around 2:30 AM), there is a cry of alarm, in a human voice, obviously one of the Wendol. There can be no doubt as to the reason behind it: one of the Wendol had gone to check on the bodies that had been laid out earlier for the zombification ritual, and had discovered the party's sabotage of their plans.

In the ravine, shouting can be heard as the man runs toward the furthest cave opening.

Wendol Voice: "My queen! My queen! The bodies have been defiled! The ceremony is ruined!"

EVERYONE: What do you do?

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Nimbar, upon hearing the raucous, begins casting, while shaking his head.

Nimbar says, "It's about to get very busy around here."

Nimbars casts Nimbar's Improved Shield, followed by Mage Armor.

Anyone who wants to cast prep spells, do it now. You have enough time (2 rounds) to cast two spells.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawke reaches down, with his left hand, to draw the light warhammer from its quick-draw holster on his left hip. He reaches behind his back with his right hand, to draw the heavy warhammer from its quick-draw holster; his movements are fast and smooth, obviously the result of long years of practice.

Hawke spits, "Let the bastards come, I'm ready."

Aust Thale

Waking quietly, Quixt goes about studying his spellbook, snacking on trail rations and hydrating himself from his waterskin. He has several breakthroughs, actually more "a-ha" moments. He chuckled at himself, his spellbooks a messy pile of this or that, his spell component pouches even more so. He enjoyed the simplicity of this hour or so. He had spent far too much time on the run. The frenetic pace had died down, no doubt because the Eryptians assumed Quixt was out of their region, or that he was dead. He had closed up his materials and put them away in his haversack when he heard the commotion. He prepared himself, readying his scrolls in his bandoleer. He checked his bow and quiver of arrows. And he mentally counted the distance and time of the commotion outside to their location in the old ogre cave. This was going to be...fun!


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx gives a quick expulsion of a fake laugh and says in Eryptian, "No zombies for you. I hate necromancers."

He takes a calming breath and draws upon some of his own magic to increase his physical protection against combat.
OOC: Cast Mage Armor.

Speaking in the common trade tongue. "I am not quite sure what help I may summon. It may just be a little more chaos into the situation."

He moves toward the entrance of the cave and sways as if listening to some music in his own head. ~Dearest Mielikki, tranquil and pure. I serve another, as you know, not in opposition but in addition. Your causes are aligned for you both abhor necromancy. Send me some animals to aid against the danger to come.~
OOC: Sacrifice Obscuring Mist for Summon I.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sphynx lets the Obscuring Mist spell fade from his mind, but holds the actual execution of his summoning spell until combat actually begins, so as not to waste it.

Summon Nature's Ally lasts 1 round per level. You need to wait until combat actually starts to cast it.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Nimbar moves to the mouth of the Ogre cave and peers out, although the tree cover in front of the cave opening makes it hard to see everything. Nevertheless, he is able to get a sense of what's happening. After a minute or two, warriors begin pouring out of the Wendol cave opening, and forming groups. Nimbar watches the groups as they begin to move.

Nimbar says, "They sent 10 warriors into the Kobold caves, 10 toward the Goblin caves, and another 10 warriors out into the forest. We'd best be on guard. If the Goblins DID vacate their cave, as they promised they would, then the Wendol might not find the secret door at the rear. If they didn't leave, then they will likely tell them about the Ogre's death; if that happens, they'll be coming for us. For now, it's a waiting game..."

The party sets their sights on the rear of the cave, watching the secret door intently. After about 10 minutes, it becomes obvious that nothing is going to happen. The warriors whom had gone into the Kobold and Goblin caves return to the ravine, and begin talking to another tribesman. Nimbar can't hear what is being said.

Hawke scoffs, "Looks like the Goblins kept their word. Who would have thought?"

Nimbar shrugs, "Hmmm. I don't like it; Even if the Goblins left, I doubt they took the time to bury their dead, or if they did, I doubt they tended to the Ogre's corpse as well. Why didn't the Wendol warriors raise the alarm when they discovered the dead body or bodies? Something doesn't add up. The warriors came out of the cave, and reported back, but they didn't seem to be in a big hurry or in a state of panic. In fact, they seemed sort of calm about the matter. We're missing some vital piece of information. Perhaps we should open the secret door, move into the Goblin area, and investigate?"

EVERYONE: What do you do?

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The rest of the party agrees as well, so the party opens the secret door and moves into the Goblin area. Even before the door is all the way open, the "missing link" is obvious. In the southeast section of the adjacent room, is a large, make-shift wall of stones and rocks, which appears to have the purpose of holding back a GARGANTUAN patch of Green Slime!

The walls and floor of the rest of the room are dug rough and pock-marked, as if a small army of miners had gone wild with their pickaxes. It is obvious where the stones and rocks came from; the Goblins must have known about the approaching slime, and literally dug out part of their lair to build the barricade.

Hawke shakes his head, "This doesn't make sense. The entrance to their lair is east, past the slime. If they barricaded it here, then they'd be walling themselves in, unless there's another cave entrance to the west..."

Nimbar has an epiphany, "No, they went east! I think I know what happened! It's obvious, is it not, that each of these caves house a different group of humanoids that the Wendol have recruited?

I believe that the Goblins kept their word, and left their lair. I've heard tale that Goblins actually cultivate and grow slime for their own uses, especially for lair defense. They grow the slime in stone containers, and seal those containers with soft clay. These containers basically become "slime bombs" that can be thrown in order to break the container and release the slime.

I'll bet this was their attempt to get back at us. Let me break it down:

The Goblins agree to leave, albeit reluctantly.
2. On their way out, knowing that they don't have time to tend to the dead, they drop the slime bombs behind them.
3. The slime eats the corpses, which causes it to increase greatly in size; I remember killing at least 20 of the little cretins, along with the huge Ogre. That's a lot of food for a lot of slime growth.
4. In addition to tidying up the dead, the slime serves as a trap for US, should we attempt to return.
5. But before we returned, whichever humanoid tribe lives to the west discovered the slime, and realized it was heading for THEIR territory. So THEY are the ones who built the barricade. Slimes can't eat through stone.
6. The Goblins were probably enemies, or at least rivals, of whichever tribe lives to the west; so if the slime didn't get us, their hope was that it would get the adjacent tribe.

We obviously can't go east. And if we go west, we're going to run into more humanoids. My guess is maybe Orcs? But it doesn't matter.

The Wendol will probably avoid this area now, although we might run into them further west, if they are helping or otherwise interacting the adjacent tribe.

However, if we want to thin the herd of the Wendol's little "army," west might be a good place to start...

What say the rest of you? Shall we go west?"

--X-- = Party's location
Red line = stone barricade
E = Ogre cave entrance
S = Secret door

SCALE = 1 Square Equals 10 ft. (NOT 5 ft. like a battle map!)


EVERYONE: Vote in LINE chat on whether or not to proceed west!

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The party's decision is unanimous; proceeding west seems the only logical course. Ordred leads the way, followed by the other party members. Surprisingly, there are torches placed along the hallways in sconces. In the earlier parts of this cave system, there were none. Knowing that Goblins have the ability to see in the dark, and most likely the humanoids to the west as well, the only plausible explanation can only be that the torches were placed there recently, as a last resort against the slime. Ordred surmises that although the slime cannot eat through stone, it CAN crawl over it, and it most likely will, eventually. These torches are handy enough to light the slime on fire with, which is the only known method of destroying it.

The party follows closely behind Ordred, as he slowly makes his way forward, checking for traps as he goes. However, it quickly becomes obvious, from the many footprints in the dusty tunnels, that this area is likely not trapped at all, due to it being a high traffic area.

Ordred is only 45 feet down the hallway, when he suddenly motions for the party to stop. He holds up 1 finger, and points to the north. Then he holds two fingers in front of his own eyes, to indicate that he sees 1 threat in the room ahead. Then, using his index finger, he draws the following word in the dust behind him, in the common tongue:


After everyone has had a chance to see it, he erases it and draws a new word, again in the common tongue:


SCALE: 1 square = 5 ft. (Battle Map size)
O = Ordred
H = Hawke
N = Nimbar
Q = Quixt
S = Sphynx
1 = Hobgoblin

Not only are the hallways lit by torches, but the adjoining room (where the Hobgoblin is) as well.


EVERYONE: You can answer by simply nodding your head "yes"; indicate agreement by voting YES or NO in LINE chat.