Aust Thale

Quixt puts the bowl into his magical haversack, admiring Hawke’s. The design was different. Quixt’s was more “civilian” than Hawke’s, a softer more floppy leather and canvas. But no less useful.

He moves up to inspect the dark corridor at the NW of the room.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Marching Order 001.jpg

Quixt leads the way; Darkvision spell duration = 5 hours.
Nimbar and Ordred in second rank.
--Ordred has Darkvision naturally.
--Nimbar is using candle inside hooded lantern, with hood reversed.
Hawke and Sphynx in third rank; both can use candle to enhance their Lowlight Vision.

QUIXT: You need to make 10 search rolls to cover the entire distance of the hallway. Searching that much will require 40 rounds (4 minutes.)

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
19; 13; 22; 23; 27; 18; 23; 15; 32; 15


The Chief's Bedroom is where the party came from just now.
The big room is what I am about to describe.
Each square on the map is 5 ft. (I drew it on the scale of a battle map.)

Quixt, you proceed down the hallway, with the party close behind you. You check the floor carefully as you proceed, and you make it the whole length of the hallway without incident.

Hawke notes, "I suspect that most of these tribes probably trap the entrance to their lairs, but I'd be surprised to find a trap in one of the inner hallways where the foot traffic is so heavy and frequent."

None of these passages, nor the room ahead, is lit at all.

Many bales, boxes, crates, barrels, and sacks are stacked and heaped in the large chamber. They contain cloth, food, beer, and wine — all of no special worth. It appears that the goblins were continually bringing supplies of stolen and looted goods to this place. It looks as if perhaps the goblins took the best loot with them, leaving behind the mediocre items. The foodstuffs are all edible; obviously much of it was stolen from humans, probably loot from cooperative raids with the Wendol.

EVERYONE: What do you do?