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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Technically, being chained to the wall counts as being held or bound, which makes the gnoll "helpless," and subject to Coup De Grace.

However, given that there is a slight amount of slack in the chains, which would allow the gnoll to move / squirm / struggle, I am going to rule that an automatic hit DOES NOT occur, however, if you manage to hit, it WILL be an automatic crit.

The gnoll has been here a long time, and is very weak. Hence, his posture is slumped, which DOES occasionally expose the back of his head, although he continually keeps trying to lift his head, seemingly as an act of defiance. This is another reason I am requiring a to-hit roll.

Gnoll Base AC: 10
+1 Natural = AC 11
-5 Helpless = AC 6

Helpless Defender: +4 to hit

Sphynx Attack Roll: Base 16 (+4 Helpless) + BAB (2) = 22 (Hit);
Damage: 8 + (6) Sneak Attack = 14 pts.
Damage would normally put gnoll at DYING [-3]
Fort Save: DC 10 + Damage = DC 24
Gnoll fort save: +4; Roll: 3 (+4) = 7 = FAILED.
Gnoll is DEAD.

Sensing something awry with the gnoll, Sphynx waits for an opportune moment, when the gnoll's head is exposed from his slumped posture, and drives a dart into the base of his skull. It is an act of mercy. The gnoll dies instantly, feeling no pain, making no noise whatsoever; the attack comes as a complete surprise, so that the gnoll never had any knowledge of the impending danger. His death is as merciful as it possibly could have been.

The Merchant says, "Good idea. That gnoll was crazed. He would always snap at the guards that tried to feed him. I believe he was suffering from some ailment, possibly the foams. Gnolls are almost dogs themselves, so it makes sense that they'd be vulnerable to getting the foams just like a dog would be."

GM: Sphynx: +150 xp. for mercifully killing the rabid gnoll.

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Aust Thale

Quixt glances nonchalantly at the hobbled Hobgoblin, and decides to put him out of his misery. With bow still in hand, he decides to shoot first, for economy of action.

Attack roll: (17) = Hits; 8 pts. of damage.
Hobgoblin is DYING [-8]

The arrow strikes center mass as well, landing about an inch below Ordred's bolt; the Hobgoblin groans, and collapses into a heap on the floor, where he begins to bleed out.


Hawke, Ordred, Nimbar, and Quixt quickly, mercifully, and methodically put an end to the sleeping Hobgoblins, and help speed up the departure of the ones that are bleeding out. In less than a minute, all of the Hobgoblins are deceased.

An eerie silence dominates the environs. The battle took less than a minute, and the cleanup took less than an additional minute. In that time, 27 lives came to an end.

Ordred says, "I'll never understand the proclivity of humanoids, ESPECIALLY Hobgoblins, toward such vile and despicably EVIL actions; they kill for sport, torture for pleasure, and let one another die if it means they can gain glory and prestige. They epitomize cruelty, and revel in their materialism. Do they even truly have souls, at all?"

Nimbar nods, "Yes, they have them. But they are tainted and dark, like the night sky with heavy cloud cover. No light shines through."

Hawke, who was raging, begins to calm down, breathing heavily and rapidly, pouring sweat.

Hawke says, "Well, here's a bunch of 'em that won't live to do any more evil. Good riddance, I say. I will grant such beings the mercy of a swift death, but I shall not pity them, nor shed for them a single tear. They chose this way of life, and they knew the consequences of it. Come, help me gather the loot. What was taken by avarice at the price of innocent blood shall now reward us for our deliverance of justice upon these cretins."

Nimbar chuckles, "Well said. And it's just as well that the battle ended when it did. I was almost out of spells. As it stands, we'll probably need to rest here for the night. Let's look for their sleeping area."

GM: SUMMARY: There are only two rooms left to explore in the Hobgoblin Lair; all other rooms have either been explored, or their inhabitants left those rooms to join in the big fight that just took place. (And therefore, those rooms are empty of inhabitants.) Knowing what to expect, Hawke severs the head of the chief and brings it with him while exploring the rest of the lair.

The party finds the common room (Room #25), where there remaining Hobgoblins were; 4 males and 5 females are here, tending to 9 young. When Hawke shows them the severed head of the Chief, one of the females asks, in the Common tongue, to be spared; she vows that if their group is allowed to leave, they will journey far from this place, and eek out a living by hunting and gathering. She says that none of the males here are warriors, and that the reason they were placed here to help the females was because they didn't like all of the constant raiding, and consorting with the vile Wendol. She says that their band is not big enough to raid, even if they wanted to, which they do not. She also says that the evil perpetrated by the Wendol makes the cruelty of Hobgoblins look tame by comparison. She says that if the party plans to destroy the Wendol, then the party has their blessing and promise of non-interference.

Hawke, since he was the one who began negotiations, agrees to their terms. He lets them leave with armor, foodstuffs, and equipment, along with daggers (for skinning animals) and crossbows (for hunting) but does not allow them to have swords nor spears. They agree to these conditions, and thank the party, telling them as they are leaving, that there is a prison room close by (Room #24) where the Hobgoblins had been holding several captives. She says there are two slave masters guarding the room, but that they will be without reinforcement, judging by what Hawke told her of the big battle. They leave quietly and quickly, as the party is headed to the prison room.

DM NOTE: The party overwhelms the two guards very quickly; even low on spells, 5 vs. 2 is not a contest, especially given that the party has the element of surprise. However, since I am giving this victory as a mulligan, there shall not be an XP award for it.

There are 2 very large, ugly hobgoblins here; both wear chain mail armor. One also has a whip, as well as a sword, however, once closely engaged, the hobgoblin cannot make use of his whip, so he will cast it aside. The larger Hobgoblin has a silver armlet worth 135 gold pieces. They guard 6 prisoners who are chained to the walls. There are two chairs, a small table, a central fire pit, and various implements of torture in the chamber. The keys to the prisoners' chains are hanging on the wall in the southwest corner. The prisoners are:

#1: A plump, half-dead merchant, scheduled to be eaten tonight in a special banquet.

#2: An orc. He asks, in Orcish, for his freedom. He promises no betrayal. (Several party members speak Orcish, so I am simply stating his request.)

#3: A man-at-arms who formerly served as a guard for the merchant.

#4: A normal female, the merchant's wife, in fact, who is also slated for the big feast.

#5: A gnoll, who says nothing. He is drooling and chuckling quietly. He gives everyone the creeps.

#6: Another man-at-arms, as #3 above.

The merchant and his wife offer a reward to the party, if they are freed. The men at arms confirm this, saying that their employer is wealthy and infuential, and has many friends back at The Keep. What do you do? [P.S. Loot List is coming soon!]


Conversing first with the Orc, he asks his name, and he asks how he came to be in this place, that is, a hot locale inhospitable to orcs. He questions him as innocuously as possible about where he intends to go. He humors the orc regardless of responses, but he prefers to leave his hands bound behind his back, his mouth gagged, and a chain collar around his neck, and he says as much directly to the group, quietly so the orc does not hear.
"I do not prefer to kill him; however, I also don't trust him. Orcs don't roam around and get captured for fun. I'll wager this fellow is from nearby."

Conversing secondly with the merchant's wife, and as much as possible with the merchant, he ascertains their names, their home, and their business. He agrees with taking them back to the Keep. He asks the wife as well as the men-at-arms what they've heard in this place, where they were captured before being brought there, and if they have pack animals. "We don't need to tarry, and we have means to come and go quickly. If you still have animals, and they are not eaten already, we could use them. We shall assist you. "

He also mentions to Nimbar, Tellerian, Ordred, and Sphynx that he has scrolls that can help remove their plunder; however, it might be wise to store or bury it in the cave/s that they have been using to stage their movement about these hills. "I am pliable on the matter, so long as I may recoup my scrolls for future use. I'd like any share that the group finds acceptable to be mine to be gemstones or the silver tipped arrows."

He looks at the men-at-arms lastly, "For leading you out of this predicament, given you very likely would find yourselves on their menu, you shall owe us a debt...or a favor if you like. And we shall name our terms. You will agree to this measure, and the lady and the gentleman may continue to rely on you. We will enlist you in that favor at a later date, after you are more yourselves. This is something that you will share with no one save we merry few, discretion being important in these matters for you, as well as for us."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sense Motive: Hunch DC 20, Sense Enchantment DC 25.
Quixt: (19) +7 = 26 Success.

Quixt, after talking at length with the Orc, you get the feeling that something is awry. He says that his tribe, The Skullbreakers, has a rivalry with these Hobgoblins, who also take the name Skullbreakers, hence the source of the rivalry. That's the only thing he says that sounds plausible.

Next, he says that his clan chief suspected that the Hobgoblins were holding too much wealth, and not giving enough tribute to the Wendol Queen Mother. He says that he was sent to spy on the Hobgoblins, to ascertain whether or not this was true; the hope was that the suspicion was true, and that the revelation of it by the Orc Chieftain would curry favor for his tribe with the Queen Mother. This sounds a little thin to you, Quixt.

Thirdly, he claims that he was beaten and treated badly by the Hobgoblins, but from his excellent-looking health and lack of bruises or scars, Quixt can tell that this is patently a lie.

The last thing that Quixt notices is that the Orc speaks of details with perfect clarity, giving his speech a very rehearsed air. Quixt has seen this before; the Orc is under the effects of a Geas spell, which means that the caster was likely the Queen Mother herself, and that the Orc is probably the Queen's spy, rather than his Chieftain's. If this is the case, then the matter probably concerns something more serious than a simple tribute skim.

The Orc offers to help the party fight through the rest of the lair, if they grant him his freedom. He says that once they are free of the lair, he will return to his tribe, and say nothing of the party, since he owes them a life debt. However, Quixt's hunch is, that this is an outright lie, and that the Orc will betray them at the first opportunity.

All of the human prisoners (The merchant, his wife, their two guards) say that they are residents of The Keep. They travel here via caravan; it takes them a month to get here, and they usually stay for 4 months to trade, before returning home. They make this trip once a year. Thus, they spend each year divided equally, between living at their home, and living in The Keep. Their quarters in the keep are actually theirs; they do not rent, they actually own their apartment.

They say that their caravan was attacked about three weeks ago. The merchant says that some of the animals were killed by stray arrow fire during the raid, and likely eaten. But he also says that several of the Wendol led the remaining pack animals away, in a separate direction from where the prisoners were taken. He says that the attack was a concerted effort, but after the battle, the Wendol got first pick of slaves and animals, while the humanoid allies were left to divide the leftovers amongst themselves, as well as to clean up the evidence of the attack. He says that it is clearly the Wendol who are in charge here.

The guards mention that they feel fine; they say that they were actually treated well, and well-fed, because the Hobgoblins were fattening them up for a special feast. They suspect that the party arrived just in time, because the way the Hobgoblins were talking, the feast was to be soon, perhaps even as soon as tonight or tomorrow. They say that their gear is likely among the spoils that the party has recovered, and if they are given armor and weaponry, they will gladly help fight to get clear of the caves.

The merchant and his wife (who introduce themselves as Hallwynn and Edith) tell Quixt that these two guards, whom are identified as John and Kelvin, are their close confidants and bodyguards, but that upon return to the keep, they will offer to "loan" them to the party, on the condition that the party sees to their continued employment and upkeep. (i.e., the party will have to pay them a wage, and keep them clothed and fed, and keep their gear and weapons in good repair.) The guards agree, saying that they'd enjoy helping the party put an end to the evil that has claimed these caves.

Lastly, Hallwynn promises to reward the party handsomely once they are back inside the walls of The Keep.

Hawke says, "In our earlier explorations, we saw a corral just a bit northeast of the caves, about a 10-minute walk or so. All of the animals are kept there. There were a lot of them, mostly horses, but also goats, pigs, and sheep."

EVERYONE: What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
"I do not prefer to kill him... Orcs... is from nearby."
Sphynx nods at the wisdom from Quixt and responds using Draconic. "I agree. We could put him to sleep and leave him. He will not know of our departure, however, if the consensus is that he is a threat, I can and will stick a dagger in the base of his skull.."
(Quixt) also mentions... remove their plunder...
"I, for one, have no interest in trying to pander all of this stuff. Anything that interests me, I am sure I could carry. I am not opposed to carrying a whole lot more just to dump it so the locals no longer have it."
The guards... say... gear is likely among the spoils...

The merchant... two guards... John and Kelvin... "loan" them...
Sphynx has no objection to letting the guards collect their gear. In fact, he would encourage it, though keeping an eye to make sure "extras" are not claimed. ~They are hired swords, after all.~

"As far as favors or more swords. I am of a mind for a stealth approach to this place over a show of force. I would prefer to continue our skirmish approach and guerrilla tactics, now being a good time to see these people away and returning later to press further."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawke says, "I think we could use these guys, as guards for the mounts, since we have to leave them so far away. But I agree with Sphynx, we are all experienced scouts, and light on our feet. The fewer our number, the more we can manage to stay hidden."

Nimbar nods in agreement, "Well, we can discuss this at the keep; the longer we linger here, the more we risk a direct confrontation with a Wendol patrol. With the help of the freed prisoners, we can probably easily carry all of the loot, which we SHOULD go ahead and take, for two obvious reasons; first, it's worth a lot of money, which will help finance further expeditions. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, taking it with us prevents our enemies from reclaiming it and putting it to use."

Ordred agrees, "Yes, agreed. We should make haste and return to the keep at once."

You guys (Quixt and Sphynx) need to vote in LINE chat; Hawke, Nimbar, and Ordred are voting to return to the keep NOW. If you guys also vote for that, I can simply write a story paragraph, and summarize the trip back to the keep, which will create a downtime point, where I can award xp and people can level up their characters. HINT: vote YES. Make it unanimous. :)

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Everyone in the party has a mount hidden nearby. None of these mounts have been disturbed.
Because of the party's activities, the raiding has declined recently, while the Wendol and their allies shore up their cave defenses, and start organizing patrols to search for interlopers. But many of their preparations are too little, too late.

Sphynx and Quixt find it an easy task to slip north to the corral, which is currently unguarded, and steal 4 horses for the merchant, his wife, and their two bodyguards to ride. The gate to the corral is also left open, allowing the other animals to roam free and flee the area if they so desire. (Most of them do.)

With the number of bags, and the amount of rope in the Hobgoblin stores, it is an easy task to make many small bundles of the major loot, allowing each rider to carry a small percentage. It is estimated that the party will establish themselves quite well with the amount of money that will be made by the sale of this much property. The merchant says that much of the stolen property is from his caravan, but he also says that part of the party's reward for rescuing him, his wife, and his friends from certain death, is that whatever money the party gets from the sale of the goods, they can keep in its entirety.

Below is the loot reminder. It has now been edited to reflect pricing for sales. You guys need to read the edits carefully, and decide on haggling points.

NOTE: Retail price is the price listed in the Player's Handbook; Sale price is what a merchant will give you for the item, no questions asked, no haggling. If you choose to haggle on any item, you have a chance to get more, but you risk offending the merchant as well.

Hobgoblin Loot + Gear:
9,834 Copper Pieces
1,391 Silver Pieces
630 Gp.

1 BIG piece of Amber [Retail: 112 gp.] [Sale: 77 gp.]
Vial of Poison (Identified by Sphynx; bonus xp for doing so = +50 xp.)

Wand of (?) - Unidentified

Pewter dishes set w/ 25 gp. (4 plates, 4 salad plates, 4 saucers, 4 tea cups, 4 knives, 4 forks, 4 spoons, 4 salad forks, 1 pie spade. 1 cheese knife); probably taken from the merchant. [Merchant gladly buys his dishes back at full price, 25 gp.]
Silver amulet worth 135 gp. (Appraised by the merchant, who is a practiced silversmith.) [Retail: 135 gp.] [Sale: 95 gp.]

22 Suits of Studded Leather [Retail: 25 gp. each] [Sale: 13 gp. each.]
31 Light Wooden Shields [Retail: 3 gp. each] [Sale: 1 gp. each.] (including combined loot from below)
35 Light Crossbows [Retail: 35 gp. each] [Sale: 18 gp. each.] (including combined loot from below)
23 Longsowrds [Retail: 15 gp. each.] [Sale: 8 gp. each.] (including combined loot from below)

Chief & Female Elites: (Plus combined loot from below):

6 Suits of Full Chainmail Armor [Retail: 150 gp. each.] [Sale: 75 gp. each.]
5 Heavy Steel Shields [Retail: 20 gp. each.] [Sale: 10 gp. each.]
5 Masterwork Longswords [Retail: 315 gp. each.] [Sale: 215 gp. each.]
5 Masterwork Heavy Crossbows [Retail: 350 gp. each.] [Sale: 250 gp. each.]

Armory: (All of these items have been taken from fallen victims, most likely caravan guards, patrol soldiers, and adventurers.)
1 suit of man-sized plate mail (half-plate) [Retail: 600 gp.] [Sale: 300 gp.]
1 suit of dwarf-sized plate mail (half-plate) [Retail: 626 gp.] [Sale: 313 gp.]
2 suits of Elven Chainmail [Retail: 4,150 gp. each.] [Sale: 2,075 gp. each.] --- Should probably attempt to haggle on this.
7 suits of man-sized leather armor [Retail: 10 gp. each.] [Sale: 6 gp. each.]
6 daggers [Retail: 2 gp. each.] [Sale: 1 gp. each.]
1 battle axe [Retail: 10 gp.] [Sale: 5 gp.]
4 heavy maces [Retail: 12 gp. each.] [Sale: 6 gp. each.]
1 longbow [Retail: 75 gp.] [Sale: 40 gp.]
370 Normal Arrows [Retail: 19 gp. for whole lot.] [Sale: 9 gp. for whole lot.]
26 Silver-Headed Arrows [Retail: 2 gp. each.] [Sale: 1 gp. each.]
90 bolts [Retail: 9 gp. for whole lot.] [Sale: 5 gp. for whole lot.]
51 spears [Retail: 2 gp. each.] [Sale: 1 gp. each.]
19 pole arms [Retail: 10 gp. each.] [Sale: 6 gp. each.]
42 steel helmets [Retail: 10 gp. each.] [Sale: 5 gp. each.]

Stolen from the corral:
4 light warhorses [These belong to The Keep; they have a retail value of 150 gp. each. The reward for returning them to the Captain of the Guard is 100 gp. each.]

Below is the combat xp earned. Take a look at it, but don't adjust your sheets yet. Story xp is still being calculated.

Killed so far: 22 normal Hobgoblins, plus 4 elite females, plus the Chief.
CR 1
(x 11) [3,300]
CR 2 (x 4) [2,000]
CR 3 (x 1) [750]

AVG. PARTY LEVEL: 6+5+6+5+6 = 28 / 5 = 5.6 (round down) = 5th.
Each Character Receives 1,210 xp. from combat.

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Aust Thale

Following Sphynx and thieving the corral felt entertaining to Quixt. As he removed the loop of the rope on the gate and released the animals, he enjoyed the mischief. Had he time and was less interested in stealth, he’d have remained at the corral to greet the Wendol or their proxies. As little as he had been among these adventurers, he found them worth protecting. Perhaps they would be his way back home to the western frontier of Yeomanry. In the meantime, they would take their spoils back to the Keep, and perhaps come back to antagonize these Wendol again.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Defeat of the Hobgoblin Lair: 1,500 xp. each character.
Rescue of the Merchant and his entourage: 1,000 xp. each character.
Gnoll Mercy Killing: +150 xp to Sphynx.
Corral Hi-Jinks: +150 xp to Sphynx and Quixt.

Sphynx Receives a Total (Combat +Story) XP Award of: 4,010 xp.
Quixt Recieves a Total XP Award of: 3,860 xp.

All other characters recieve a total XP Award of: 3,710 xp.
In addition to the goods that he allowed you to sell, the merchant gives each of you what is known in Erypt as a Customer's Ring; the ring is a simple golden band with the merchant's seal etched into it. It identifies all of you as "preferred customers," and any merchant that is on good terms with this merchant will react favorably toward you, earning you an 18% discount on all purchases, as long as you don't try to haggle.

In addition to that, he gives each of you a Merchant's Plate, which is a small, rectangular, platinum coin worth 1,000 gp. gauranteed, anywhere in the world.

The party reaches the keep without further incident; Ordred, after taking his cut, bids the party farewell; he says he has private business to attend to, but that he might return to The Keep at some point, and if he finds the party here, he says he will probably re-join them. Everyone wishes Ordred well.

The Merchant thanks the party for rescuing him, his wife, and his guards, and throws a three-day party in their honor. For those three nights, the party members have luxury accomodations, and eat and drink their fill of gourmet foods and fine ales and wines at every meal. This causes the party to become well known within the keep. The party gains a reputation increase.

The party can now take downtime if necessary, to train, prepare new spells, practice new abilities, etc.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
In a private discussion with the party Sphynx says, "There are too many coins to effectively carry. They will make too much noise and have too much weight. We should look for a way to exchange them."

"I think I will keep this vial of poison. It may be of use sometime."

"I can attempt to see what I can discern about that wand before you burn a scroll on it, Quixt."

"I see no reason to not sell everything else
OOC: Random Roll: 13

During the Down Time:
Staying around the keep, Sphynx is far from idle. He spends much time about town and engaging with others. After advocating for the sale of all unclaimed spoil, he visits the exchange and any jewelers or gemist about the Keep in order to trade up for higher value gems, but nothing too outlandish.

He will not wear his Merchant's Ring at all times but will discretely slip it on his finger when engaged with any publican and make nonchalant gesture so that it is visible when talking.

He is surprised by how quickly he is able to analyze the wand in question and in private conversation with others he explains how to activate the wand and that it has the power to stifle the motor function of the target, person. He offers it back to Quixt who seems more keen on such items.
OOC: Rod of Hold Person: (charges 7, Caster Lv 5, save DC: 15)
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Aust Thale

Posted at request of DM: Loot List & Costing
Note: The Elven Chainmail is worth haggling, so sheet will be updated accordingly upon success or failure.
In addition:
The Vial of Poison shall count vs. Sphynx share
26 Silver Tipped Arrows shall count vs. Quixt' share.
The Wand of Hold Person may go to Nimbar or Hawke as first choice if DM wishes. If not, Quixt will claim.
This will also be updated or edited to reflect final disposition.
Amounts are displayed in gold pieces. SIlver pieces and copper pieces are displayed to the right of the decimal point.

Hobgoblin Loot + Gear:
9,834 Copper Pieces
1,391 Silver Pieces
630 Gp.
Wand of Hold Person [Value 630 gp]
Vial of Poison [Value 120 gp]
5 Masterwork Heavy Crossbows [Retail: 350 gp. each.] [Sale: 250 gp. each.]
26 Silver-Headed Arrows [Retail: 2 gp. each.] [Sale: 1 gp. each.]
90 bolts [Retail: 9 gp. for whole lot.] [Sale: 5 gp. for whole lot.]
2 suits of Elven Chainmail [Retail: 4,150 gp. each.] [Sale: 2,075 gp. each.] --- To be Haggled
1 BIG piece of Amber [Retail: 112 gp.] [Sale: 77 gp.]
Pewter Dishes
Silver Amulet
22 Suits of Studded Leather [Retail: 25 gp. each] [Sale: 13 gp. each.]
31 Light Wooden Shields [Retail: 3 gp. each] [Sale: 1 gp. each.]
35 Light Crossbows [Retail: 35 gp. each] [Sale:18 gp. each.]
23 Longswords [Retail: 15 gp. each.] [Sale: 8 gp. each.]
6 Suits of Full Chainmail Armor [Retail: 150 gp. each.] [Sale: 75 gp. each.]
5 Heavy Steel Shields [Retail: 20 gp. each.] [Sale: 10 gp. each.]
5 Masterwork Longswords [Retail: 315 gp. each.] [Sale: 215 gp. each.]
1 suit of man-sized plate mail (half-plate) [Retail: 600 gp.] [Sale: 300 gp.]
1 suit of dwarf-sized plate mail (half-plate) [Retail: 626 gp.] [Sale: 313 gp.]
7 suits of man-sized leather armor [Retail: 10 gp. each.] [Sale: 6 gp. each.]
6 daggers [Retail: 2 gp. each.] [Sale: 1 gp. each.]
1 battle axe [Retail: 10 gp.] [Sale: 5 gp.]
4 heavy maces [Retail: 12 gp. each.] [Sale: 6 gp. each.]
1 longbow [Retail: 75 gp.] [Sale: 40 gp.]
370 Normal Arrows [Retail: 19 gp. for whole lot.] [Sale: 9 gp. for whole lot.]
51 spears [Retail: 2 gp. each.] [Sale: 1 gp. each.]
19 pole arms [Retail: 10 gp. each.] [Sale: 6 gp. each.]
42 steel helmets [Retail: 10 gp. each.] [Sale: 5 gp. each.]
4 light warhorses [100 gp. ea to return to Capt of Guard]

Aust Thale

Quixt (downtime):
Quixt spends the next few days/weeks working primarily on his spells and scrolls. He participates in the rescued merchants festivities, but he conducts himself discreetly, as he doesn’t wish to draw attention to himself such that Eryptian authorities on the coast would find themselves aware of his presence. He is polite. And he remains affable, but by no means does he ‘work’ at his reputation, except to convert currency to gems and re-supply. He does ask about rumors when among artisans, taverns during meals, and when among the merchant’s guards. He uses his considerable charm with the bar-maids and maidens for any sliver of useful information about the area, especially the caves. Quite quickly he grows restless, as the longer he remains in one place, the greater the chance bounty hunters or Eryptian political types will locate him. He does reach out to the local mages library for permission to study using his own arcane texts but purchasing spell components from them.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawke's skill as an armorer (8) = +2 Synergy
Sphynx's skill as an appraiser (6) = +2 Synergy
Sphynx being an Elf = +2 Synergy
Sphynx's skill at Bluffing (7) = +2 Synergy

Sphynx's Diplomacy: (3) = +Die Roll (d20) = 3 + 17 = 20
Total Diplomacy Roll: (28) = VERY nice.

Armorer's Skill (5) = +2
Armorer does not have appraisal skill
Armorer is not an Elf
Armorer's Bluff (8) = +2

Armorer's Diplomacy (3) = 3 + 16 = 19
Total Diplomacy Roll: (23) = Also very nice. But not as good as the party.

Party beats the armorer by 5 points; there is a 1d4+1% advantage for each point. Rolls: 4, 1, 2, 3, 1 = 11 + 5 = 16%

50 + 16 = 66% of retail value, i.e., each suit will bring 4150 x .66 = 2, 739 gp. each. (Compared to 2075 each = +664 gp. extra on each suit. Well done!)

Sphynx goes to speak with the armorer about buying the two suits of Elven Chainmail. Being an Elf, and a skilled appraiser, and a smooth talker, in addition to being accompanied by a skilled armorer (Hawke) who can talk up the craftsmanship, he is able to get a really good deal for the party. Instead of 4,150 gp. for both suits, Sphynx is able to get him to pay 5,478 gp. for both.

After the successful parlay, Hawke celebrates by getting drunk at the tavern.

Sorry for the long delay in continuance; my life has been rather hectic lately. But I am now back on track. More coming soon!

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Total for the party to split: 12,819.44 (i.e., 12,819 gp. / 44 sp.)
Split goes 5 ways (silver and copper amounts rounded to the nearest gold piece for ease of gameplay):
Hawke, Nimbar, Sphynx, Ordred, and Quixt get: (2,565 gp. each.) + 1 merchant plate each. (Total gp. each: 3,565.)
Quixt can have the wand of Hold Person. Neither Nimbar nor Hawke wants it.
Quixt keeps the 26 silver-tipped arrows.
Sphynx keeps the vial of poison.
Nimbar pays Hawke back for the borrowed gold from last time. (780 gp.)
Neither Hawke nor Nimbar quite earned enough xp. to level up; they both BARELY came up short.
Ordred takes his leave from the party.
Hawke's Handy Haversack can hold 100 lbs. total weight; he has 64.5 pounds worth of gear; that leaves 35.5 pounds for coins.
Coins weigh 1 pound per 50 coins; thus, the haversack has room for up to 1,775 coins.
Currently, the haversack won't hold the combined coins of Hawke & Nimbar, but they plan to spend a lot of their money in downtime to begin with. (Coming in next post.)
Total Gold For Hawke: 5,159 gp. (Current award + previous amount.)
Total Gold For Nimbar: 2,815 gp. (Current award + previous amount.)

ROSE GOLD COLLECTIONS: (Counted separate from other treasure):


Drogonspine spear head: 8" long, weighing 2 oz. per inch. (Thus, 8" spear head weighs 1 lb.)

Dragonspine machete blade: 12" long, weighing about 24 oz. (1.5 lbs.)


Value of MW Rose Gold Spear: 301 gp.
Value of MW Rose Gold Machete: 365 gp.


Sir Walter's share: 6 MW Rose Gold Spears

Party's Horde:

21 MW Rose Gold Spears
13 MW Rose Gold Machetes

(This is the total amount of Rose Gold items collected from all raids so far.)
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Downtime Activities:

4 days x new level attained = total number of days downtime.
[This still needs to be calculated.]

Under 10th level = characters can be "self-taught," i.e., no mentor needed.
[For purposes of gaining a new level.]

Sphynx: In walking around, and engaging with people, you discover that the upscale provisioner (the man who sold Nimbar the pearls previously) is the brother of the Keep's wizard; the provisioner tells you that his brother sometimes accepts commissions for the creation of magical items. When you tell the others about this, everyone is glad to know this, but Hawke seems especially excited.

It will require 4 days, and 4,000 gp. for the Keep wizard (by the name of Sarris Korval) to enchant Hawke's masterwork armor up to +2.

Cost of Inn Room per character: 5 sp. per night.
Cost of meals per character: 2 sp. per meal, 3 meals per day = 6 sp. per day (which = 1 gp. per day, with 4 sp. in tips.)

Scribing Info: (Nimbar): 75 gp. / 6 xp. / 1 day down = 2nd level scroll.

Researching New Spell: 1 week per spell level. 1,000 gp. cost per week.
Spellcraft check: DC 10 + Spell Level.
(2nd Level Spell = 2 weeks / 2,000 gp. / DC 12)

Haven't decided what Nimbar wants to do yet. He will probably at least make some scrolls.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Costs for Upgrading Sphynx's Bracers or Ring:

To go from +1 to +2: 3 days downtime / 3,000 gp.
To go from +1 to +3: 8 days downtime / 8,000 gp.

To go from +1 to +2: 6 days downtime / 6,000 gp.

(Bracers and Rings are more expensive to enchant than armor.)
(Customer's Ring does not apply to special commissions.)


He has a couple of amulets of natural armor (which stack with bracers and rings) that he could just outright sell to you:

Amulet of Natural Armor +1 = 2,000 gp. [w/Customer's Ring: 1,640 gp]
Amulet of Natural Armor +2 = 8,000 gp.[ w/Customer's Ring: 6,560 gp]

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sarris Corval is not an Archmagus by any stretch of the imagination, and there is no official "Mage's Guild" within the Keep; however, Sarris is quite capable with mid-level magicks, and he has three apprentices that work under him. He is a part of the Keep's official Auxilliary Guard, which is a militia unit composed of "irregular" troops, i.e., clerics and magi. On the side, he has a thriving business, mostly casting spells for the Keep's commander. He will cast spells for the party as well, for the usual fee, minus the discount from the customer's ring; he is fast friends with Hallwynn and Edith (the merchant and his wife.) OOC: Sarris is a 10th level Wizard.

Spell Level To Be Cast:
Cost of Spell, EXCLUDING Special Components:
0Caster Level (10th) x 5 gp. = 50 gp. (41 gp. w/ Customer's Ring)
1Caster Level x 10 = 100 gp. (82 gp.)
2Caster Level x 20 = 200 gp. (164 gp.)
3Caster Level x 30 = 300 gp. (246 gp.)
4Caster Level x 40 = 400 gp. (328 gp.)
5Caster Level x 50 = 500 gp. (410 gp.)

IDENTIFY: This is a 1st level Wizard spell; base cost to cast it would be 82 gp. The cost for the pearl would be 100 gp., the cost for the wine would be 10 gp. for a bottle of fine wine, and the cost for the Owl feather would be 1 gp. The 111 gp. of materials would actually only come to 91 gp. with the Customer's Ring, thus, the total cost for an Identify spell would be 173 gp. (Versus 211 gp. anywhere else, a savings of 38 gp.)

SENDING: This is a 5th level Wizard spell; base cost to cast it (in order to send a message to Sir Walter) would be 410 gp. For the copper wire, Sarris' brother would normally charge an additional 25 gp.; However, with the customer's ring, the cost of the wire would be only 20 gold and 5 silver. (21 gp. if you wanted to give him a tip.) Thus, the cost for a Sending spell would be 431 gp. Both Hawke and Nimbar agree that they need to contact Sir Walter at some point, although they have not yet decided when this will occur. This is a note for when they DO decide to do it.

Sarris will also allow the players to scribe spells from his reserve (NOT personal) spell book library, at a cost equal to twice what it would cost to cast, per the chart above. That includes the Customer's Ring discount.

If players wish to have spells cast for them by Sarris, they may consult the spoiler menu above.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Nimbar will purchase several spells that he will scribe into his own book:
1st Level:
Grease, Mount, Detect Undead, Detect Secret Door, Enlarge Person, Reduce Person, Feather Fall, Magic Weapon. [1,312 gp.]
2nd Level: Rope Trick, Spider Climb, Knock, Ghoul Touch. [1,312 gp.]
TOTAL COST: 2,624 gp. [2,815 - 2,264 = 191 gp. remaining.] Nimbar will borrow 34 gp. from Hawke, and scribe 3 scrolls:
2 x Scorching Ray, 1 x Nimbar's Improved Shield.
Hawke doesn't hold the 34 gp. against Nimbar.
Nimbar has 0 gold pieces remaining. Nimbar spends 15 days copying spells and creating scrolls.
Sarris offers to recharge (50 charges) Quixt's wand for 3,174 gp., which includes the Customer's Ring discount.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx engages Sarris Korval in discussion concerning protective magic items. As he speaks and gestures, he slips on his merchants ring, unobtrusively, but them makes sure that it can be seen. He will bargain for an amulet of natural armor and the augmentation of his currently owned bracers.
OOC: Amulet NA +1, Bracers +2. deducted the 4640 from total GP on character record leaving him with 240gp.
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