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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Seeing that the overwhelming number of kobolds may prove detrimental to his colleague in their midst, Sphynx whirls his right hand and points at the foe on Hawke's rear flank, as he takes another step forward. Two, dark blue shards of light emit from his right hand and arc directly toward the designated kobold. "Feel the burn of my wrath, reptile!" Sphynx states in Draconic.
OOC: 5' adjustment
casts Magic Missile (at #3)
damage: 2(d4+1) = 3, 4

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Kobold #3 takes 7 damage total. Kobold goes down.
Kobold #6 no longer has +2 flanking bonus to hit.

Sphynx takes a step forward, as he launches two, swirling, dark blue missiles at the Kobold on Hawke's left diagonal flank; the reptile twitches and flinches, as if he were trying to shake off the energy attack, but his actions are in vain. The spell shuts down his nervous system, and drops him like a stone.

Nimbar charge attack: +2 to hit. -2 to AC.
Mage Armor: +4 to AC for 3 hours (1800 rnds)
Adjusted AC: 14 (+4) = 18, -2 = 16 for charge.
Attack roll: (16) = hits. Damage = 4 pts.
Kobold #6 is gravely wounded, but still up.

Nimbar charges Kobold #6, and skewers the reptile with his rapier, piercing the upper left side of his chest completely, just below the collar bone. The Kobold screams in pain from the grievous wound, but remains standing.

Kobold #6, speaking Draconic: "Curse you, Human! We will yet send you to the burning Hells!"

Listen DC to hear the din of battle: -10 (extremely easy);

However, this battle is less the ringing of steel on steel, and more a series of grunts, thumps, and thuds, mainly from steel hitting leather, and from bodies slumping to the ground. Add to that the fact that it's taking place in the copse of trees, out of sight, within an area that the Kobolds have claimed as "their territory."


Listen DC to hear the din of this battle: DC 0 (Still quite easy.)


Other humanoids are used to the Kobolds bickering and fighting among one another: +3 DC ("...It's just those noisy runts again...")

Other humanoids cannot understand the Draconic language: +2 DC ("...What are they saying? Who the heck knows?...")

Only one Kobold has actually screamed at this point, the rest of the noise being grunts and thuds: +2 DC ("...Sounds more like a scuffle than an actual battle...")

General apathy, even hatred, towards Kobolds on the part of other nearby Humanoids: +2 DC ("...Who cares? Let the little cretins kill each other...")

DC for Gnolls to hear, and recognize the danger: DC 7
DC for other Humanoids to hear, and recognize the danger: DC 9

Rolling for distance: 1d20+5, in yards, for nearest group of creatures:

25 yards.

DC Adjustment: +2 for every 10 yards. (Total: +4 Adjustment to DC.)


TOTAL DC for Gnolls to hear, and recognize the danger: DC 11
TOTAL DC for other Humanoids to hear, and recognize the danger: DC 13

Who is the nearest group? 1= Gnolls, 2= Hobgoblins, 3= Orcs, 4= Wendol.
Roll = (2) Hobgoblins.

Hobgoblin Listen Check, DC 13: (18) = Success. Hobgoblins have heard the scuffle, and have recognized the danger!

As the Kobold screams in pain, Nimbar curses under his breath. In the distance, loud, grunting Humanoid voices are heard! Though you cannot make out the language, you are almost certain by the tone and depth of the voices that you have attracted the attention of nearby Hobgoblins!

Hawke takes several swipes at the Kobolds around him, but they are fast and small; out of three swings, he connects only once. However, it is a fatal blow, dropping Kobold #7 with a single, violent blow to the head.

Hawke's Attack Rolls: 8,26,11 (One hit, with off-hand. Damage = 1d4+3.
Damage = 7 pts. [HP: -2] That is enough to drop him.

Attack of Opportunity: Nimbar rolls 21 (Hit); Damage = 5 pts. [HP: -4]
Kobold #6 drops, ending the immediate combat.

Kobold #6, despite his threat, realizes that the battle is going badly; he decides to make a break for it, since he is so near to the edge of the treeline. However, his gamble is poorly decided, and Nimbar finishes the work he started, skewering him in the middle of the back as he turns to flee.

As this is happening, everyone can hear the Hobgoblin voices drawing closer; they don't seem to be in a hurry. They are calling out in Hobgoblin, something that sounds like question. There is anger and annoyance in their tone.

EVERYONE: What do you do?!?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
"Hey. Grab a kobold and head back to the Ogre cave." Sphynx will attempt to carry a kobold, if he is strong enough. He will also retrieve his darts before quickly heading back to the cave.

Later. "Most of these denizens are at odds and do not know the demise of the Ogre. These guerrilla tactics are bound to cause confusion."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
+500 xp to Sphynx for an excellent idea!

These Kobolds are each about 2.5 ft. tall, and weigh about 54 pounds each, without gear.
Leather armor for small creature: 7.5 lbs.
Short spears (2): 2 lbs. each. (4 lbs.)
Machete: 1.5 lbs.
TOTAL WEIGHT PER KOBOLD: ~67 lbs. (each one will vary slightly; numbers counted here represent averages.)

Sphynx: STR = 11 (115 lbs. max load.) = carrying 1 Kobold would be a medium load. Adjusted move rate = 15' (Running = 60 ft.)

Hawke: STR = 20 (400 lbs. max load.) = carrying 2 Kobolds would still be light load. Adjusted move rate = 20' (Running = 80 ft.)

Nimbar: STR = 13 (150 lbs. max load) = carrying 1 Kobold would be a medium load. Adjusted move rate = 15' (Running = 60 ft.)

It will take 1 round for Sphynx to retrieve both darts.
It will take 1 round to stow weapons and pick up a Kobold (or two);
Hawke cannot carry more than two; although he is strong enough to carry many of them, he simply doesn't have enough hands to hold them all.

4 of the Kobolds were taken out before they could draw their spears. These are the four Kobolds that the group decides to pick up. It is surmised that the four with drawn weapons will appear, to the untrained eye, to have killed one another.


4 suits of Masterwork, Kobold-sized Leather Armor
4 Masterwork Rose Gold Machetes (same stats as Short Sword)
8 Masterwork Rose Gold Spears (same stats as Javelin)

The Kobolds were not carrying any money.

Sphynx finds a piece of paper on one of the Kobolds, apparently the leader, that shows the location of their ambush site, and the location of a pit trap, just inside the entrance to their lair, Cave #1.

Everyone agrees that Sphynx's plan is a sound one. Everyone quickly stows their weaponry, and picks up a Kobold body. Hawke manages to pick up two of them. The ones left behind, all of whom had drawn their weapons, will (hopefully) be thought to have quarreled and killed each other.

The party decides that running, despite the risk involved, would be best, since most of the party's movement will occur unobserved, within the small thicket. The party sets off at break-neck speed, with Hawke in the lead, but trailed closely by Nimbar and Sphynx. The party makes it back inside the Ogre cave without incident, and without being discovered.

As the party is picking over the Kobolds' gear, Sphynx finds a piece of paper tucked into the belt of one of the Kobolds...

GM: See spoiler window above for details.

SPHYNX: What do you want to do?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Rummaging through the spoils, Sphynx suddenly exclaims, "Nice!"

Realizing that he had spoken aloud, he holds up the piece of paper and addresses his friends. "Take a look at this."

Any items that the other two do not take, Sphynx hides under the Ogre's former bedding.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sir Walter said:
"...I would think bringing back 4 or 5 swords, or 5 or 6 spear heads would be enough for my purposes, or perhaps two big shields."

As Nimbar is telling Sphynx about why they are here, and how much Rose Gold that Sir Walter needed, he also says:

Nimbar says, "We have enough Rose Gold for Sir Walter's purposes. We could actually break the amulet now, and return home via its magicks. We could give him all 8 spears for good measure, and we could sell the armor and the machetes and make a tidy profit. In that part of the world, Rose Gold does not exist, and import fees border on extortion. The amulet has enough power to transport us all, probably even our camels as well. What say you?"

Hawke gets a gleam in his eye, "This place is too lucrative to leave. I will admit, they have large numbers of warriors, but we could actually recruit a few henchmen to join us, and probably clean up. There are probably untold riches down in those caves. Plus, we know of at least one, fat merchant who'd probably give us a nice reward for his rescue."

SPHYNX: Your Thoughts?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
"Hmm." Sphynx thinks about the situation for a moment before continuing to reply.

"Nimbar, I like the logic behind your proposal. Hawke, I like the motivation in yours."

He wrinkles his mouth back and forth, then runs his hands through his hair. "I am thinking that most of the denizens of this valley will be nocturnal. I am thinking we should gather our supplies and camels when the sun is pushing toward its zenith and head back for town. I can't see much profit in the camels, elsewhere. We should sell them and their tack, then tote everything else with us to return by your magical means, that is assuming you are having me along. Mission complete, then we have some leisure to return for further exploration. I definitely want to come back here."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawke snorts derisively, "Return? In a leisurely fashion? We came here via magical means. Sir Walter might be kind enough to send us back that way as well, but he is a busy man, and we can't count on that. If he's too busy to help us, we'd need to hire a ship. Our homeland is over 1,500 leagues from here. That's 63 days by Longship, or if we're lucky (and rich) enough to book passage on a large Galley, we could probably make the trip in just under 50 days. Either way, it's basically two months at sea. Sounds like a lot of extra expense, when we could just stay here a little while longer, then leave. No offense. And by the way, you are certainly welcome to come back with us. In fact, I think Sir Walter was expecting it. I think he'd probably like for us to recruit other skilled gophers to help him out the way we do."

Hawke pauses a moment, before continuing, "He's a good man to work for, and he pays rather well. Plus, if you have the arcane bent the way Nimbar does, he's a good mentor to have. Sir Walter is a highly skilled Wizard, and a respected craftsman of magical weapons and devices. That's why he's so busy, he always has rich noblemen lined up around the block, waiting to pay him a part of their fortunes in order to get a magical blade, shield, ring, or some such."

Nimbar wrinkles his brow in thought, "Well, ok, I see your point. But you realize that we could just pay the Mage's Guild some money to send us back here here the same way that Sir Walter did, correct? I hear that the new Arch Mage of the Guild, Sir Otiluke, has a mirror just like Sir Walter's."

Hawke snorts again, "Do you know how much a man like that is going to charge us to make use of his mirror? We'll probably pay through the NOSE to do it that way! I'd bet it would be twice, perhaps three times as expensive as ship passage to PAY for magical transport! Not to mention that he could then easily scry us, and figure out what we're up to here. I don't want to share the Rose Gold with anyone, if I can help it. I would like to keep it just between us. Sphynx, what say you? Whose side are you on?"

Both Hawke and Nimbar chortle happily, at the idea of their sides being "opposed" to one another.

Distance home = 4,560 miles (1520 Leagues)
Travel time by Longship = 63 days
Travel time by Galley = 47 days
Longship passage will be expensive; Galley passage will be VERY expensive.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx scratches his head. "Oh wow! I had no idea you had come from so far. I was thinking a few days' walk. In that case, I am with Hawke. No sense passing up such an opportunity for plunder. I say we hide what we have so far and see what else we can acquire!"

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
As the party is figuring out what to do, the din of battle is heard. All of you hear the deep, barritone shouts of Hobgoblins, as well as the yappy, squeaky sounds of Kobold voices. Screams follow, on both sides, as both sides begin to suffer injuries, or so you surmise.

The raucous lasts only about a minute, and when it dies down, you can still hear raised voices, that sound as if both sides are shouting angrily at each other. Eventually, there is another voice, a Human sounding one, that interrupts the other two, and begins shouting as if he is admonishing both sides to be quiet. It apparently works, because there is soon no further outbursts, although you can still make out the sounds of various Humanoids rummaging around outside, doing things that you can only guess at.

GM: If you'd like to see if you can discern what was said, roll a Listen check, DC 13. Everyone can try for the Kobolds, because everyone speaks Draconic. No one can try for the Hobgoblins, because no one speaks Goblin. Sphynx can try to make out what the Human voice said, because he speaks Eryptian. Between the three of you, a few successful rolls should allow you to guess at the content of the Hobgoblin speech, regardless of knowing what exactly was said.

Hawke = 13, Nimbar = 18 (Both Succeed @ hearing what Kobolds said.)
Sphynx = 17 (Success @ hearing what the Kobolds and the Human said.)
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Kobold #1: "Why should we stop? You killed our brothers! The Cave Mother could have healed them!"

Hobgoblin #1: "fjvhbfvjh dhuj dchbjk jvb buk"

Kobold #1: "You don't know that! And you didn't even try! You wanted our Rose Gold!"

Human #1: "What's going on here? Why are you idiots fighting each other? The Cave Mother has decreed that we are ALL brothers, united under one purpose!"

Kobold #1: "He found our brothers dying, and claims that he was giving them mercy! But I saw their wounds! The Cave Mother could have helped them! I do not believe what Urruk says! I don't think they would have bled out in so short a time! And I also do not believe that our brothers would have been fighting each other! We work together! We are family!"

From the conversation, the following becomes apparent: the Hobgoblins came upon the 4 dead Kobolds, and assumed that they killed each other while quarreling. The Hobgoblins killed the Kobolds that were bleeding out, claiming to be merciful. The other Kobolds (probably arriving from the cave after hearing the commotion) found the Hobgoblins administering their "mercy," and attacked them, thinking they had killed the 4 Kobolds.

Upon arrival of the tribesman, the combat ceased, as each side tried to explain their viewpoint to him.

Human #1: "Urruk, I believe that Skragg is correct; I don't think they would have been fighting amongst themselves. It seems very suspicious to me. And weren't there 8 of you setting up this ambush point? Where are the other four? And another thing, 3 of our own tribesmen have gone missing recently as well. I suspect foul play. Someone is implementing sneak raids upon us! Everyone, finish gathering and setting up for the night. Then go back to your caves, and double the guards at the entrance. Skragg, make sure your pit trap is set correctly. Urruk, have you talked to the Goblins lately? I haven't seen them gathering lately. Go tell them to quit being so lazy. And where's Rube? He was supposed to report...."

At this point, the party hears the Human begin to run, crunching loudly through the underbrush in the direction of their hiding place!

Kobold #1: "Hurry, you fools! Follow the Kal Du Mar!" the Kobold pauses, and then apparently repeats himself in Goblin. "Hkjh jhknj! Fkjnkj dhji Kal Du Mar!"

It looks like you are all about to have company! What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx does not audibly respond. He trust that the items he hid under the Ogre's bedding will have to be safe enough. As he moves to the secret door he uses his druidic ability to cause an obscuring mist to well within the entrance and waft out into the valley.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Standing near the entrance, in order to get the best spread, Sphynx casts Obscuring Mist, which affects the area indicated on the map above. The area would have been even larger, except for the choke point of the cave entrance causing the cloud to be oddly formed. Nevertheless, the covered area is more than sufficient for his purposes, and Sphynx is satisfied with the result. After casting the spell, he turns and darts back into the cave, to catch up with Hawke and Nimbar.

More to come! Stay tuned!

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Round "Zero": Sphynx steps into the cave entrance and casts Obscuring Mist. Nimbar takes a double move: one move to open the secret door, one move to walk through it. Hawke follows.

Round One: Sphynx takes a double move to catch up with Hawke and Nimbar. Everyone is now on the Goblin side of the secret door. Nimbar readies an action: when opponents become visible, having come through the mist, he will cast Color Spray. Hawke readies an action: in the instant after Nimbar casts his spell, Hawke will charge the Wendol (if possible) or the closest opponent (if not.)

Round Two: Your opponents arrive! We now need to establish an initiative order.

Nimbar will go first, because of his readied action from last round.

Hawke will go second, because of his readied action from last round.

Sphynx was moving last round, therefore, he needs to roll initiative.

Your opponents include a lone Wendol tribesman, three Kobolds, and four Hobgoblins. Your opponents are not surprised, although with their low initiative rolls, you are likely to catch them flat-footed.


Nimbar: Readied (1st)
Hawke: Readied (2nd)

Sphynx: 19

Kobolds: 8
Wendol: 7
Hobgoblins: 6


Creatures affected: Kobold #1, Kobold #2, Wendol, Hobgoblin #1, Hobgoblin #2, and Hobgoblin #4.

Saves: Hobgoblin #2, Kobold #2, and the Wendol all made their saves. Kobold #1, Hobgoblin #1, and Hobgoblin #4 all failed their saves.


Whirling Frenzy + Charge + Pounce: 22,21,16,29: Vs. AC 14. 4 hits.
Damage: 9,9,14,6 = 38pts. Wendol is dead. [-19]

Of the 6 opponents, who could possibly have been effected, only 3 succumb to Nimbar's spell; the other three manage to shake it off, although for one of the 3, the Wendol tribesman, the victory is short-lived...

Kobold #1, Hobgoblin #1, and Hobgoblin #4 are all knocked unconscious by the blast of light. (Duration: 3 rounds.) When they revive, they will remain blinded and stunned; the blindness will last for 3 rounds, while the stun condition will last for 4 rounds.

Hawke gets a glint of fury in his eye, as he charges the tribesman, unleashing all of his rage upon the murderous savage! Hawke strikes the man 4 separate times, each by itself a grievous wound, and all of them together prove instantly fatal. It is a gruesome display of both skill and brutality; upon reflection, you feel fortunate to have Hawke as an ally, rather than an enemy. When the Wendol falls, he does so with a caved-in chest, a broken collar-bone, a fractured hip, and a cracked skull.


SPHYNX: It is now your turn! Hawke is no longer engaged, so if you need to, you can move through his square without impediment. The three circled opponents are unconscious. The light green numbers are Hobgoblins. The white numbers are Kobolds. What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Though Hawke is quite a bulk of a being, his positioning is no impediment to the line of sight for Sphynx who launches one of his darts at the kobold directly forward of his facing.
OOC: kobold (2)
attack: d20+4 = 16
damage: d4 (+d6 if flat footed) = 2 + 4

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sphinx's dart catches Kobold #2 in the throat! The spiny reptilian gasps and gurgles as he collapses into a heap and begins to bleed out on the floor!


Kobold #3 steps forward, lunging at Hawke with his Rose Gold spear!

Kobold attack: (13) = Miss.

Hawke easily parries the clumsy blow, made by an angry Kobold who is letting his rage and frustration get the better of him.

Hobgoblin #3 steps clear of the fog to engage Hawke in battle! His companion, Hobgoblin #2, steps up to help, although the space between him and Hawke is a pinch point, where the wall gives both fighters partial cover, making it hard to conduct a proper melee.

Both Hawke and Hobgoblin #2 will be at -2 to hit each other, because the wall is in the way.

Hobgoblin #3 attack: (4) = Missed badly.
Hobgoblin #2 attack: (10) = Missed / hit the wall.

Hawke easily sidesteps Hobgoblin #3's clumsy assault, and moves to parry Hobgoblin #2 as well, but it proves unnecessary, because the Hobgoblin mis-judges his sword thrust, and hits the wall instead!

Nimbar and Hawke are getting their attacks next! Stay tuned!

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
GM: Nimbar attack: (15) = Miss.

Nimbar stabs at Kobold #3, but is dismayed to find that the creature's spiny skin easily deflects the blade's tip, causing it to skip off, resulting in no injury to the small creature whatsoever.

Hawke's attacks (counting WF): 17,9,10 = Hit, Miss, Miss.
Damage: 1d8+7 = 9 pts.

Hawke SMASHES Hobgoblin #3's head hard with his lead hammer, cracking the creature's skull, and dropping him like a stone. Hawke then turns his attention to Hobgoblin #2, leading with a riposte using his off-hand, and following again with the main hammer. However, the wall interferes with both attacks, and Hobgoblin #2 escapes Hawke's wrath, at least for the moment.


SPHYNX: It's Your Turn! If you attack Hobgoblin #2, you will suffer a -2 penalty to-hit because of the wall corner that is in your way. You have an even worse penalty (-4) for Kobold #3, because he is engaged in melee with Hawke. This is probably the correct moment for a spell. What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Realizing that his ability to physically engage the opponents is hindered, Sphynx draws from his innate magical talent to release two visible shards of energy at the hobgoblin to Hawke's left.
OOC: Cast magic missile: damage 2(d4+1) = 3 & 4 = 7

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The two shards of energy slam into Hobgoblin #2, overwhelming his nervous system, causing him to collapse to the ground, as his internal organs, most notably his heart, begin to shut down.

GM: Hobgoblin #2: -1 (Dying)

Hawke AoO: (21) = Hit; Damage = 15 pts.
Kobold is dead. (-10)

As the tide of battle turns, Kobold #3 attempts to flee, hoping to use the thick mist to cover his escape; but he is not quick enough; Hawke catches him with a perfectly-timed blow to the head, just as he is beginning to turn away. The sound of a crack is heard, as the hammer smashes the Kobold's skull, dropping him instantly.

Acting with haste, the party puts the unconscious foes out of their misery, quickly and mercifully. Then the bodies (along with the other loot that Sphynx stashed under the Ogre's bed) are dragged onto the Goblin Lair side of the secret doorway, as Nimbar pushes the secret door shut.

The party quickly loots the bodies, and flees to the east, exiting the lair through the main entrance to the Goblin area, which is closer to the mouth of the ravine. The party is able to escape, and make their way back to the Keep, where they obtain not only new provisions, but much-needed rest as well.
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