D&D Movie/TV Has anybody seen the Hasbro 'Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures' channel yet?


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I've been trying to find it to take a look, but I'm clearly failing my Google-fu. Every link I find is broken. It's apparently available on Flex and Freevee (which I'm told is on Amazon Prime but I can't find the D&D stuff there either). And WotC hasn't breathed a word about it that I can see since those previews they released a couple of weeks ago.

3 shows apparently launched last week (Heroes Feast, Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!, and Encounter Party).
Anybody seen them? And if so... how?

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It feels to soon to add to the digital follies of Wizards/Hasbro. I am only vaguely aware that they were doing something and would have thought that they would promote things a bit. On the DnD wizards main site it does have something about the debut of Black Dice Society on YouTube- on April 1st. Not sure if that was April Fools or just the last time the site was updated.


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I'm actually looking at it right now, but all it's showing is a rerun of the old D&D cartoon from the 80s.

Getting to it meant going to the Freevee channel, which was already part of my Amazon Fire Stick, and searching for Dungeons & Dragons; it was the first result. But that's in the US, so it might be different in other regions.

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Freevee is integrated into the Prime Video app on my Apple TV -- I watch Night Court that way (don't judge me) -- but last I looked, I couldn't find the FAST channels carried by Freevee in it. But navigation in that app is dreadful, so it may well be buried somewhere.

I did see the channel is available on the Freevee app on my phone (but not bookmarkable, or anything, meaning it has to be searched for every time), but I had been intending to have the channel on while I cooked, and that meant the phone wasn't a good choice for me, so I didn't end up watching anything.

If WotC ends up cancelling this because of low viewership, it'll be pretty unfair to the content creators who had all of their content hidden in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory with a sign saying "BEWARE OF THE LEOPARD" hung outside.

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I've watched portions of all six current shows (cartoon, Rivals of Waterdeep, DesiQuest). I found them on Freevee by going to "live tv" and then searching for "recent" or somesuch. It was weeks ago.
Plex was easier to find them, because their search is better than Amazon's.

Several people outside of the U.S. have had trouble, which indicates that there may be rights issues still to be sorted out.

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Oh, is DesiQuest one of the shows? I had heard about it and was hoping it was a podcast or on YouTube. Huh, now I have another reason to try and figure this out.

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