D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons Adventures is a 24-Hour Streaming Channel Launching in Summer

New shows feature animation, influencers, and actual plays

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This summer, a new free streaming channel will be launched by eOne, the entertainment company owned by Hasbro. It will be ad-supported and available on multiple (as yet unspecified) platforms and feature a mix of animation, third party influencers, and actual play shows.

The old 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon will be available, along with shows like:
  • Encounter Party is based on an existing podcast and set in the Forgotten Realms.
  • Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! is a comedy game stream in each episode of which a party of 1st level characters march to their deaths against deadly monsters.
  • Heroes's Feast is a cooking/talk show.

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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
I had to look up the FAST terminology, which appears to be a new media thing in the last few months. Basically, it's the equivalent of whatever the heck Amazon is calling the thing that used to be IMDB TV: A non-stop stream broken up with commercials, but not being broadcast over traditional airwaves or appearing in a cable channel line-up.

The advantage for the corporations appears to be a bigger slice of the advertising pie (I cannot imagine that Hasbro has an ad team, and is probably getting some vendor to handle that in exchange for a cut of the proceeds), but for the consumer, it's about the same as watching something on Twitch.

Faster, Purple Worm, Kill, Kill! which I first heard about on Facebook, when they were soliciting audience members in the LA area, sounds very good, but I hope WotC doesn't do the thing Dragon Talk does, and assume that every actual play podcast is worth elevating. They should be reaching out to Not Another D&D Podcast, Nerd Poker and other shows with professional performers if they're intent on making this a commercial success. I'd also look at the content producers forging swords and the like and get them in the mix.

Good to see the cartoon is coming home at last.

EDIT: They're definitely going to stick Dragon Talk and all future D&D Live Events on there too, aren't they?

It sounds interesting. I hope they add the option of subtitles and these in different languanges. My oral English is not very good, and the informatic translators can fail when we are using names of monsters or fantasy places.

In the past I suggested a game-live show with Japanese girls, but maybe now it could sound too pervert.

I wonder if if there will be titles for different audiences. Maybe some cartoon serie is kid-friendly, but a gothic horror story in Ravenloft should be +13y rating.

Other option could be machinima series. These are CGI animated series using software of videogames, for example the Sims or Fortnite. Or machinimas adding animation to the figures of the D&D VTT. Even this could add a mode to produce machinima.

Maybe some 3PP could publish some D&D manga style "The time I reincarnated into a housemaid autognome", about a native from Kamigawa who was killed for the Phryxelian invasion, and his soul is sent to a reincarnation into an autognome, because the deities agreed it was a no-too-cruel for the faithless people.

And why not caption webcomics?

Or D&D channel creating their own AMV (anime media video) with original content..(and songs).

And some episodes could be about the secondary settings, for example Mystara or Jackandor.


Reeks of Jedi
So the old cartoon and maybe the cooking show.

Hopefully a new cartoon featuring the old cartoon characters will come along...

Would also love a show about OTHER editions of D&D, but I doubt that's going to happen. Probably can't find a young attractive streamer to talk about 2E.

Very cool that the cartoon is going to be made more available. Weirdly excited Arbour the Heroic Feast dhow, because thst cookbook was actually super legit.

Likewise, Heroes Feast sounds like it could be pretty cool. A fantasy-themed cooking show is up my alley.

I do wonder how it will have enough content to justify an entire channel dedicated to D&D stuff. Maybe if they can pull from their back-catalog of streamed events on Twitch and YouTube.

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