D&D 5E Hasbro’s Dungeons & Dragons TV and Movie Strategy


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Monopoly and Risk series? I want a series based on Diplomacy!
So a show where a group of friends comes together on a Friday night to play a board game and come out on Sunday evening no longer speaking to each other going forward?

I'd watch it.

In all seriousness, my cousin had a friend that completely left the friend group after a game of Diplomacy in college.

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I wonder it will be broadcasted, in Netflix, Disney+, HB0, Paramount+...

The type of project they want has got a name: multimedia franchise.

D&D allows lots of different sytles, from kid-friendly to gothic horror or postapocalyptic sword&sorcery.

But the action-live productions could affect the cosmology. If the need a reboot or recasted, we will see debates about how a multiversal crisis caused a new reboot of the D&D worlds.

Ravenloft is perfect for horror action-live movies, where knowing the lore is not necessasry to enjoy the story, something as "Ready or Not" or "the Morgue Collector".
@LuisCarlos17f I know that the whole Chronomancer thing that causes a WotC version of the DC Crisis on Infinite Earths is your thing that you cannot let go, but it is not going to happen.

Wizards have been very clear that the only canon for the 5E game is the Core rulebooks (PHB, DMG, MM). Because of that, there is no need to reboot or recast anything. They can do whatever they want in any shows or movies they want, and have completely opposite things done in those shows and it does not matter.

As long as a good story is told and it makes them money, they are not going to care about being consistent between media. If being inconsistent is a better marketing strategy, expect to see it.

Cheers :)


I would love a Monopoly show treated with the same reverence as, say, golf or tennis, with the same kind of rapt announcer speaking in a hushed voice.

And probably the same kind of irrational, violent outbursts from the players too. It's fun for everyone!
Heh, there already is this on Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth. They played Monopoly with real money. Funny as hell.


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I'd like to see something akin to Corridor Digital's "Son of a Dungeon" on a grander scale. Or, keep it to small groups, running different types of games. Ooh! With special guest NPCs or DMs

A reboot of D&D multiverse is not necessary....yet, but you can't bet about it in the future. Maybe there is a new adquisition by Hasbro and then new IPs are added to D&D multiverse. I am convinced 2022 will be a pretty hectic year, and we will see a lot of changes in the entertaiment industry, with mergers and acquisitions we can't guess now.

I love the idea of chronomancers and alternate timelines because these could be very useful for the end of the possible debates about what it is canon or non, and allowing more creative freedom for ideas in DM Guild, for example an alternate Krynn where Sturm is a crusader (martial adept class), or there are totemist shamans (a incarnum soulmelder class) in Athas. I mean to create fanfic I don't like to be too chained with the oficial canon. With the parallel earths we shouldn't worry about the continuity.

Hasbro has got a partnership with Netflix, but also they need deals with Disney, among others reasons because this is the owner of the copyright of the D&D cartoon from the 80's, and the toys of Marvel Superheroes and Star Wars.

Hasbro wants to be the new Disney empire, and they can if they play rightly their cards.


Squid games give me hopes for an interesting MouseTrap game show.

Overall, this looks like the shotgun approach - launch enough stuff at the dartboard, and something will be a hit.

I'm extremely disappointed with the recent Snake-eye Origin movie and I don't have a lot of faith that any of it is given much thought to televising these brands other than "Get something on screen!", i.e., it'll be a lot of low budget, poorly acted, half-baked crap that won't make it to a sequel or second season.

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