D&D 5E Hasbro’s Dungeons & Dragons TV and Movie Strategy


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In one of their first major moves after Entertainment One’s $4 billion acquisition by toy maker Hasbro was completed in early 2020, Entertainment One’s President and CEO Darren Throop and President of Film and Television Steve Bertram set out to find a Head of Television. They brought in former HBO President of Programming Michael Lombardo

Of the Hasbro IP, a big priority for the company is to develop scripted and unscripted series based on the classic Dungeons & Dragon game

Looks like they want to do a constellation of shows, tv like shows, movies, other short form shows. Including live streams.
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I wonder it will be broadcasted, in Netflix, Disney+, HB0, Paramount+...

The type of project they want has got a name: multimedia franchise.

D&D allows lots of different sytles, from kid-friendly to gothic horror or postapocalyptic sword&sorcery.

But the action-live productions could affect the cosmology. If the need a reboot or recasted, we will see debates about how a multiversal crisis caused a new reboot of the D&D worlds.

Ravenloft is perfect for horror action-live movies, where knowing the lore is not necessasry to enjoy the story, something as "Ready or Not" or "the Morgue Collector".


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eOne is a fairly significant producer and distributor of tv and film, having gobbled up a number of production studios and distributors around the world, even before Hasbro bought them (if I have the timeline right). Just scrolling down their homepage shows they're behind some well-known animated and live-action stuff.

So, really, the sky's the limit to what they could do and the audiences they could reach with D&D. I can't get a bead on what streaming services such fare is likely to appear on, though, but I doubt it would all be on the same service.


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I would love a Monopoly show treated with the same reverence as, say, golf or tennis, with the same kind of rapt announcer speaking in a hushed voice.

And probably the same kind of irrational, violent outbursts from the players too. It's fun for everyone!
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