D&D 5E Hasbro’s Dungeons & Dragons TV and Movie Strategy

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Full Moon Storyteller
i wonder what an unscripted D&D tv show would look like.

Nevermind. it's on my DVR right now. G4's Invitation to Party is on TV every Tuesday

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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
How is there not a digital version yet? Coding would be simpler than Axis & Allies, and less weapons would be drawn in anger than physical Diplomacy
There are at least two online versions. I actually think the best way to play is online with 24 hrs between moves. Lets you get the diplo flowing before the cards are on the table.

If the movie producers knew the secret to create blockbusters, we wouldn't bombs in the hitbox, even Disney can fail.

Some board games can be family-friendly contest shows. It wouldn't be the first time.

Hasbro has got enough experience producing cartoons for children: My Little Pony, Pepa Pig, PJ Maks.

If 2022 is a year of flat cows (a bad economic season) then maybe some companies will by acquired for bigger fishes what want their IPs.

Intercompany crossovers are sold very good because they work like limited editions.

If D&D live-action productions make a lot of money, then other companies could try a partnership with littler RPG publishers, for example Pugmire(by Onyx Path) being a cartoon/CGI animation produced by Disney, or Warner parnershipting with Chaosium for an action-live adaptation of 7th Sea, to be the rival of Pirates of the Caribean.

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