D&D 5E Help with new DM

Artifacts are just powerful magic items with the potential to change the campaign. Deck of Many Things- there is an another thread right now on it. Does change campaigns, but it goes away after using. Other items are big like hand/eye of Vecna and Sword of Kas. Fine, but they are less useful than a Staff of Magi (to some). What the player thinks and what you think is an artifact is not always on the same line.
good advise
I played in a game where we were 1st level and given powerful items, sort of like the D&D cartoon. Certainly made us more powerful, but only until we advanced a few/several levels, then they were not so powerful anymore.
yeah, the reason for the question is we have had people run games with over powered artifacts before and it never blew up the game.
There are tricks to limit artifacts to adjust the power level. The Rod of Seven Parts is cool when you have one part and can cast a few healing spells of a fireball, but gains power when you have added more pieces together.
I am off to google rod of 7 parts, thank you

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