D&D Movie/TV Hugh Grant To Play Villain in the D&D Movie

Hugh Grant will be playing the villain in the Chris Pine D&D movie, which also stars Fast & Furious' Michelle Rodriguez, Jurassic World's Justice Smith and Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page, according to Deadline.

According to ComicBookMovie, his character name is Forge Fletcher, and the cast will be joined by I Am Not OK With This actor Sophia Lillis playing a character called Doric.

In recent years, Hugh Grant has played villains in Paddington 2, and The Undoing.



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Based on actor selection? Was LoTR full of better known/bigger actors when it was filmed? Actors you recognized sure, but no one was really A list back then. Not even Christopher Lee, Ian McCellen, Sean Bean, or others. None of them were really doing anything A list prior to 2000.
You blaspheme Ian McCellen and Christopher Lee again....


Was Lee considered an A list actor when he was cast in LoTR? I think most would agree he was not. Not by the definition of what an A list actor is.
I think we're seeing a divide between Anglo and American movie fans.

Lee already earned several national awards in Britain prior to LotR 1, and more after that prior to the end of the series. He was basically as famous as an actor in England can be prior to joining any Hollywood films.

Smart casting directors identify talented actors who are perhaps being underused due to being out of favour, unfashionable, typecast, aging beyond the typical 'romantic/action lead' age bracket, mostly known for foreign films or TV, etc, and give them an opportunity to stretch their legs as leads. Medium-sized names with upside, if you want a 'moneyball' cliche. You pay less than you would for a bona fide A-list big name, they're hopefully less prone to prima-donna-ing all over the place and throwing their clout around to mess up your script (I'm looking at you, Brad Pitt and World War Z...) and the actors you pick will often see this as a big break or a chance to revitalise their career and will give it their all. LotR did this with McKellen, Lee, Mortensen etc. Marvel memorably did it with Downey Jr, but Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen, and Chris Hemsworth were great pickups for them too, and the wouldn't have cost much (first time round at least) compared to a major star.

If you want an ensemble movie (and for D&D I reckon you really 100% do because D&D is all about the group) then it's a pretty good way to assemble a cast. You get a spread of talent across the cast so you're not all on one actor's shoulders, and the film isn't just a vehicle for one guy, which almost always is corrosive to the plot.

That Michael Keaton Batman analogy gets me every time since I remember as a 19 year old thinking....mr. Mom as Batman and he pulled it off quite nicely. I’m a little more open minded for casting now and think these announced actors/actresses could be a great enjoyable D&D movie. We all need a couple hours of mental diversion with a fun movie since 2020 and the start of 2021 have been rough world wide.


Hugh Grant, huh? And the actress from I’m Not Okay With This (which was excellent, BTW). I don’t know if this the right cast, but it’s a good one. I wonder if they could go for a tone like an updated The Princess Bride (with the storybook meta replaced by gaming meta).

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