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D&D Movie/TV Hugh Grant To Play Villain in the D&D Movie

Hugh Grant will be playing the villain in the Chris Pine D&D movie, which also stars Fast & Furious' Michelle Rodriguez, Jurassic World's Justice Smith and Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page, according to Deadline.

According to ComicBookMovie, his character name is Forge Fletcher, and the cast will be joined by I Am Not OK With This actor Sophia Lillis playing a character called Doric.

In recent years, Hugh Grant has played villains in Paddington 2, and The Undoing.



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The more I see this movie, the more I think it's going to be like Jumanji or something, when people are sucked into a game of D&D and need to play their characters to "Save the world and escape."
This would have worked well until Jumanji came along and ate its lunch. Now, it has to be as good or better or else its a derivative piece of crap.

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He played it very well and got the balance between charming and being a douche right in Brigit Jones too. Like-able but clearly a bad guy.
It comes natural to him.

Probably the most typecast guy in film, right after Jason Biggs who constantly gets cast as the same 'nerdy awkward Jewish virgin' he played in American Pie despite being Italian.

That said some of the best actors broke typecast by portraying villain's. Keanu Reeves was pretty confronting as a wife beating redneck once, and Robin Williams was downright creepy AF in 1 Hour Photo and a murderer in Insomnia.

Harrison Ford was pretty dope as a dude that murdered his mistress and then tried to kill his wife to cover it up as well.

Hugh Grant has mixed it up a lot of late, breaking away from the 'charming bumbling English everyman' and 'basically the same guy, but an utter asshole' into some very different roles.

Wouldnt have been my first choice, but here we are.

The cast for the DnD movie seems fine, but no actor can do well if given a terrible script and direction.

I'm neither joyed nor disappointed with the announced director/writer team since they've worked on some decent projects, but it's hard to say how their previous experience will mesh with whatever concept they might be going with in the DnD movie (there are so many possible directions). My verdict for this is "let's see what the trailers reveal" before starting assessment.

wicked cool

nobody saw Heath Ledger as an awesome joker until it happened. nobody saw Chris Pratt as the next action super hero . never realized while watching Friday night lights that Michael B Jordan would be a superstar . Always wanted Olivia Munn to be a super star when watching her review video games but didn't imagine it . Same with the Rock

never pictured Kathryn Hawn as a good villain
never pictured a kid from goonies to be Sam from LOTR or Rudy etc
Never pictured the Big Show or Joe Manganiello being huge D&D players
Never pictured Luke Skywalker in 1977 to be the best animated Joker ever

We are supposed to be the community of imagination!!!!!!
there are/were no a list acttrs on stranger things or Schitts creek or walking dead or Mash at the time etc etc etc
the hooker comment is silly

It comes down to script/directing etc. We should be jumping up and down right now that even b/C type Hollywood is signing onto this

Tom Cruise as Lestat also springs to mind, and he did such a good job that Anne Rice issued a formal apology.

I remember alot of people (including myself) saying that upon learning Michael Keaton was signed to play Batman....

Possibly? I think it also depends on your movie tastes. Sir Christopher Lee is considered a horror legend, absolutely. I first saw him in late-night Hammer films. But his career is so much more than that. Dude even hosted Saturday Night Live back in the 70s. And McKellan's Richard III was Oscar-nominated (that's where I remember seeing him in a movie for the first time).

LOTR cast a bunch of new and relatively obscure folk, but they did not lack for heavy-hitters.

I think we're seeing a divide between Anglo and American movie fans.

request please GIF

Picked the wrong damn Hugh. They should have gotten Hugh Laurie. Dave Bautista as his trusted but dimwitted bodyguard.

Definitely. She was great in I Am Not Okay With This and the recent It adaptation.
Sophia Ellis is a rising star.

I think Hugh Grant is a good choice for a villain. I wonder if he'll be buried in special effects and CGI or play a basically humanoid being? I could see him as a dragon, or even a mind flayer, though I suspect not.


Jedi Master
I'm starting to get cautiously optimistic about the film, and specifically that the script is likely pretty solid. Bad scripts don't attract this much talent to it (there is a reason that recent fantasy flops like John Carter and Warcraft didn't get this much high level talent attached), and the writer/directors are people who clearly knows what they are doing (Game Night, Spider-Man). It's no guarantee (making movies is hard, making good movies is nearly impossible), but at this point, there is good reason to believe that the film could work. I mean, we have:

Chris Pine - Star of the reboot of one of the most popular Sci-Fi franchises of all time and co-star in a franchise based on one of the most popular DC heroes of all time

Michelle Rodriguez - Co-star of one of the biggest action franchises of all time

Hugh Grant - Hugely recognizable name who has made a comeback by switching to villain roles

Rege-Jean Page - Up and coming star of a hit Netflix show likely looking to break into big screen films

Sophia Lillis - Co-star of one of the biggest horror film franchises of all time and still looking to grow her career

Justice Smith - Part of the Jurassic World franchise, looking for a breakout roll

Chris, Michelle and Hugh all have no need to attach themselves to a project just for the cash, and all could hurt their careers by being on a massive flop. Rege-Jean, Sophia and Justice all are trying to break out into the next level of stardom, and definitely can't afford to be part of something that flops.

Again, that's no guarantee that the film will work, it still needs to be shot and survive studio notes (the Vacation reboot I'm sure looked great on paper but ended up failing), but the foundation looks very, very solid.

He's a good actor but being honest I don't think to many people get to excited about a movie with him in it.
It's not every actor's role to "open" a movie -- i.e. draw them in. Most actors are meant to be good in their role.

The brand here is the big opener, followed by Chris Pine, Gina Rodriguez and Mr. Sexy Bridgerton.


So maybe this is a coming of age movie where the parents are captured and the kids go out looking for them discovering their parents boss is behind their capture. They rescue their parents and confront the villain who flees because the kids brought back up. I envision he's imprisoned lots of people to support his plan and freeing them they normally wouldn't work together but choose to do so when the kids ask for their help and given it involves going after the villain who imprisoned them I can see them grinning and helping just for the chance to get revenge on him!

Oh god I just described Spy Kids and I like that movie!


I quite like Hugh Grant, but I mostly see him as a positive character. I wonder how he'll do as a villainous character.

If you watch Cloud Atlas (2012) or most of his post 2016 work, he seems to be in a very morally complex/outright villain phase to his roles. The ones I've seen, he does well.

If the script is up to it, I suspect he'll do a great job (and if the role is mediocre, he's a good enough actor to probably elevate it).

So this is good news for me. I certainly don't think he'll be the reason the film sinks.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Depends how true you need your Scotsman to be, I suppose.
It’s a very reasonable claim. It had probably been at least a decade since Lee had been in the papers in any major way, or been otherwise a current big deal.

He was very much a guy who was a big deal because of decades past, not because of any recent work.

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