I Am Your Father! The Spoiler Spoiler Thread -- What are the biggest ever spoilers? [spoilers]

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the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
IIRC she kills Brianne of Tarth, and Podrick. We just didn't see that in the show. I like the show version better.
Nope. Brienne is still alive in A Dance of Dragons.
IIRC, Brienne and Podrick are being hanged when we last see them in A Dance of Dragons, so their fate is up in the air (pardon the pun). Until the next book, they are like Schrodinger's cat. :)

Carlito gets shot at the end. (OK, not really a spoiler, because the movie's opening scene is where he's shot, but the first time I watched I'd completely forgotten.)

lol. I agree. I had a pretty similar reaction. He literally shows it to you, and somehow the first time you still don't see it coming for some reason. And the guy who does it says he is going to midway through film I think too. Good movie too


I remember that one flooring me when I first saw it
I had the interesting experience of being the only one in a group watching the movie who was in on it. Some of them, who'd been extremely hostile towards the wife following the anniversary scene, were pretty ashamed of themselves by the finale.

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