I Am Your Father! The Spoiler Spoiler Thread -- What are the biggest ever spoilers? [spoilers]

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Are we talking about the one from Alien, or the Queen from Aliens? The Queen is a lot easier to find, just in low orbit over a known settlement. And even with the first one, Weyland Yutani have the logs, they know where and when the creature was ejected. If they got it into their heads to track it down for tissue samples it'd be a very difficult search, but possible.
I barely remember Aliens. I was thinking of Alien in my original post.
It would be a feat to figure out the alien's trajectory and velocity even with a camera pointed at the engines. Not to mention all it would take is a small rupture or expulsion of xenomorph gunk to change velocity and trajectory further. Combined with the 6 weeks time to get back to a station (according to Ripley), time spent deciding to go get it, getting a ship and crew together, getting to the location to start looking, and then trying to find something that small, black, and without heat is the longest of longshots. There might be other methods of locating a body in space but I'll need someone else to chime in with that.

Leia also kissed Luke at the start of Empire.

Tangentially, I just recently found out that in one of the early scripts for Star Wars, the roles were reversed and it was Leia rescuing Luke from the Death Star. Fascinating to imagine what that might have been like.

Plus for those of us who remember Leia kissing Luke in the first movie, EW.

(At least it wasn't The Hotel New Hampshire.)

I haven't liked a single Star Wars movie since the original, and I was 9 or 10 when I saw that. Before you cry in shock, I haven't seen a single Star Wars movie since The Phantom Menace put me off the franchise forever. On the plus side, it inspired Tales of the Sith Academy, which provided many a chuckle for months after.

Re-reading the books as an adult, Sturm's fate is heavily foreshadowed. And talking to Margaret Weis, she has said that his death was designed from the moment his character was created. But I can remember when I first read it, what a shock it was.

Book not film, but Sturm dies, and stays dead

Same, except it was on io9. I wasn't as mad as I would've been normally, simply because Harrison Ford had always made it clear that he thought Solo's character arc should end in his death. But I was still very annoyed with that commenter.

One major spoiler annoyance I had was some troll in a Youtube comment posting that Kylo Ren kills his father Han Solo, about two days before The Force Awakens came out. It didn't actually diminish the impact of the moment, though.

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