(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 2

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A suffusion of yellow
Kahru-the-bear bellowed as the giants pelted him with a barrage of stones, one hitting his snout causing the bear form to fall, it did not stop his bellowing however.

Kahru the barbarian raged, the corpses of the dead giants spurred him on, he swung his head along the fire wall and spotting the young giant in the corner, leapt over the bed and rushed towards him, intending to shove him in to the flames
OOC: what size is a Young HG? Anyway will attempt to Shove YHG 6 into the firewall
Attack : 1D20+7 = [19]+7 = 26
Shove (advantage): 1D20.HIGH(2)+2 = [12]+2 = 14
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What size is a Young HG? Anyway will attempt to Shove YHG 6 into the firewall
OOC: They're at the smaller end of large. You may notice that I play around a little with icon size, to reflect "actual" size. I started this because statblock-wise, the "Schlubs" are large, and yet, they're supposed to be Hill Giants, which are nominally Huge. I figure that a Hill Giant ranges from Large to Huge depending on how tall and fat they are. The statblock for the youths says Medium, but I feel like that's a long way to go to get to Huge, and I don't want them to be little giant kids. They're more like teens. So they're Large, just not as big as many large creatures. Bigger than a goliath or a firbolg, though.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Satisfied with the pandemonium his spells have created among the enemy ranks, Duvrael carefully saunters after his companions. The wizard carefully steps over the bodies of giants and mentally prepares himself for the "ma and pa" giants to come out of the next room.

With a hint of sadness, Duvrael realizes he has already used up his most powerful magic. But there's always another fireball...

OOC: Move then Dash to AZ-49. Maintaining concentration on the Wall of Fire.

Steve Gorak

Gimlack grunts as he focuses on a giant and stabs at its mind before he attempts to telekinetic move it

OOC: action: mind sliver on yhg6 if Kahru’s shove attempt fails int save dc 17 or 4 damage & next save at -1
Bonus action: telekinetic shove through wall

If Kahru is successful, Gimlak target yhg8 and pull at it
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