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D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly

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OOC: Okay, we are speeding up now. I have Imogen, Dellrak, & Chrys poling with Athletics 17, 15, and 8 (respectively) and Nameless keeping his craft stable with Acrobatics 11. Just [MENTION=23]Ancalagon[/MENTION] Rodrigo to go and I will resolve a few day's travel...


Dusty Dragon
OOC: Ok, no time for full post, I see all sorts of very cool stuff (new name? dang! :D ) but quickly:

Survival [roll3]
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The Aldani Basin

Three days of hot, wet, insect-infested travel passed without incident. The Sticks and their companions made a decent go of it, passing fifty miles of swamp in that time. The rafts were slow-moving and tended to tip, but the water was shallow enough that they rarely could not reach ground with their poles, and so they travelled steadily along. At one point, Qawasha mistakenly led them along a waterway that twisted in the wrong direction, split-off from the deeper water by an impassible grassy ridge thick with poisonous bramble. They had gone over an hour in that direction when the nameless man who had been called Harb suggested that they must go back. The group was reluctant to retrace their path, but in the end it saved them more time than it cost.

On the third day, Weed thumped his chest and squeaked, and Ukee the flying monkey began to chitter and point. It was hard to tell if she had seen it herself, or if she was just mimicking the vegepygmy, but when the Sticks investigated, they found that she was pointing to an enormous carved head mostly submerged in the mucky water.

"It is in the image of Ubtao," said Qawasha, "We should not pass it without asking for His blessing."

Kasqa and Hup'lo agreed.

As they poled over to the sunken statue, suddenly a small grassy island began to shift and slide through the water toward the rafts...


Location: Aldani Basin; Encounter: Shambling Mound

Begin Round One

Name * (Space) * Perc * AC * HP * Hit Dice * Notes
Chrysagon (I9) PP10* AC18* HP 36/36 (Resist Nec/Rad) HD 4/4
Dellrak (M13) PP14* AC15 HP 40/40 HD 4/4
Imogen (H10) PP12 AC14 HP 32/32 THP 0/5 HD 4/4
Harb (L12) PP14 AC15 HP 27/27 HD 4/4
Rodrigo (L13) PP14 AC18* HP 36/36 HD 4/4
Kasqa (H9) PP11 AC13 HP 17/17
Qawasha (I10) PP14 AC11(16) HP 27/27 Spells 4/4 & 3/3
Kupalue (Weed) (I9ish) PP12* AC13 HP 9/9
Hup'Lo (M12) PP12* AC12 HP 16/16
Ukee (M12ish) PP11 AC12 HP 3/3
Shambling Mound (S14T15)

[Sblock=Map] ABasin1.png


His mind was wandering upon the death of a civilization. His order had witnessed many of those over the millennia and lesson learned from such events was that they were essentially the same as any other creature. It was not something which he was personally trained in though. And while he wondered about the nature of this, the 'island' before them started to move.

There was a moment of absolute rejection of reality as his mind refused to process such an anomaly. Then he kicked into action, such as it was. He'd been poling at the time and now he used the pole to try to change their direction. There was another, more solid island nearby, he thought to use this as a place from which to mount their defense.

Meanwhile, his mind reeled. What manner of creature was this? A plant, similar to their vegepygmy friend? A creature of animated earth? He couldn't be sure, though he checked for the sword slung to his back, whichever it was, he doubted his staff or feet would impact the creature much. Perhaps a blade would be of more use.


"I'll remember Ubtao blessing. Imogen, shoot that thing!"
Chrysagon pushes the raft toward the firm ground on his right.

OOC: Athletism: [roll0] to move the raft to E13


Kasqa & Hup'lo

With the help of Chrysagon & the nameless man, Kasqa and Hup'lo swiftly poled the rafts to a small island of relatively dry ground.

OOC: Okay, they 'dashed' the rafts to shore, which took 20 feet of movement in both cases. If you have a 30-foot speed, you've got 10 feet left to get off, plus your action. I won't make Chrys and Nameless use their Actions to help, just fluff. So both of you can still take Actions. The rafts are at approximately E13 and J18, respectively.


As they piled towards the islet, he flung his arm out towards the creature. A dart seemed to materialize out of nowhere flying towards their apparent adversary, but it flew short, splashing harmlessly into the water. Harb watched it with a small disappoint for a moment before they hit ground. A moment later, he steps from the raft, moving to gain some room.

OOC: Dart(DA): 2d20l1+5 7 1d4+3 7

20' move available due to monk bonus movement. Getting off the raft and trying to spread out as much as possible.

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