D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly

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As the group left the Thundering Lizard, the rain had mercifully stopped. Water still flowed in a rushing torrent coming from the ravine of Malar's Throat, through the gate (known as Ubtao's Jaws), and down the steep hill toward the harbour.

The group followed the city wall until they passed the Grand Souk and eventually they came again to the Weave of Life. Klevin VanSharen moved them through his maze of hanging rugs and tapestries to speak alone.

"What news? Were you successful?" he asked, eagerly.


The glum look on the dwarf's face should say enough, but he answers anyway. "Nay, we do no get what we sought. And nearly drowned besides." Head held in shame he adds. "But we do find out a few things about who was looking for the jewel too. They be dead at the docks and should bother ye no more."


"The other team that I hired have not checked in yet. Perhaps they were successful and have been delayed. It is early yet, and I thank you all for your diligence. Near drowned you say? Was it the weather? I recommend you get rain-coats at the Grand Souk. They are curious things, but very useful here in Chult. Last night's weather is very common, I'm afraid." said Klevin VanSharen, sympathetically.
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Last Guy in the Airlock
"We saw your primary team sailing away in darkness last night. They should be here by now, if they are coming," says Miss Imogen, with a note of contempt. She had wanted to keep a better eye on them, and now regrets not insisting. But this was a hired gig."

"Nevertheless, we did as requested, and can guarantee that nothing came through the coils," she says, understating her role in the flooding.


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo added "The smugglers suffered a number of casualties, including one of their leaders, a spell caster. Perhaps half a dozen in total? Anyway, the vessel the first team used to make their escape was on fire. We never made contact with them. They managed to get that under control, but they were under severe weather and some local sailors weren't sure they would have been able to weather the storm... so ..." Rodrigo concluded with a shrug

"Now, as far as flooding, the coil has an infernal trap which floods the tunnel. The trap must be reset at low tide, and the tunnel pumped empty of water again. Given the leadership and manpower hit the smugglers took, the Coils may not be usable for some time. This defense system seemed... ill advised to me"

"As far as the raincoats, capital advice. We would like the rest of our rewards to purchase such gear... Is there anything else for now?"


"I will reach out to those I know who were not with Manollo last night, but may have heard from him. You may leave this to me and I will inform the Wren what I discover. If I need your services again, I will ask him to send you." he again calls for a servant, who brings him a case of well-organised chultan coins and hands each of the party a small stack. "I always pay my debts, and as disappointing as the results of your mission have been, you completed the task to the best of your ability. I am convinced you would have had a more proper success had I not muddled the issue with another group. I thank you for your efforts."

OOC: 15gp each!


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo gave a small bow.

"Thank you and you are welcome. The first team did succeed in getting the artefact... but the Sea is not kind...

Should the artefact be recovered and shed more light on this Curse, we would be happy to hear about it. My companions are extremely capable, I am sure we have more to contribute. Until next time".

Rodrigo looked at the chultan coin - how these fascinated him as a child! Now, they were just another part of life.


'Harb' stayed silent throughout this conversation, taking it in and offering nothing as his companions seemed to have that part covered. He accepted the stack of coins and bowed as he stood to leave with the others. As soon as they were out of earshot, he spoke again, though quietly. "Now I must see to some things. Hopefully we will be more prepared for the future."

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