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D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo still scanned both shores of the river, crossbow at the ready.

"... and what are the downside of this small island? ... more of these crocodiles visiting?"

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Harb took a moment to contemplate the guides words and then spoke quietly as he continued to mind their course.

"I feel we should go as far as we can today. Who knows what delays we might encounter tomorrow?"


Dellrak felt he could go another hour or two, but he wasn't sure about his rowing companion. "True, true," the dwarf said in response to the monk's words. "I do think though someone should give the Lady leave to have her bow ready should someone else be campn' on this island."

OOC: Giving us a longbow and a crossbow at the ready just in case.


Qawasha shrugged and replied to Rodrigo, "The drawback of the island is that we can be seen by anything coming up or down the river. But we should be able to see them as well, the way is clear. Also, it is a very small island. Not much room."


Dusty Dragon
"Any chance of floods?" All this rain was making Rodrigo a touch... paranoid. They had avoided drowning but a few days ago, after all.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Miss Imogen is not an outdorswoman, and she is uncertain about the possibilities offered. Being seen, but on the island seems preferable, but she does not volunteer her opinion unless asked.

Her hands, still bandaged, are sore, but she is determined not to let the others see her appear weak. "We can handle cramped," she says to Qawasha.


"The water is as high as it is likely to get today. The island has two trees, and is rarely flooded." Qawasha answered Rodrigo.

As they came around a corner, everyone immediately spotted a canoe stuck in a jumble of leafy branches from a fallen (yet still living) tree on the far side of the river. In the canoe stood a man wearing armour that was much too heavy for the heat, covered by a tattered tabard depicting a golden orb floating above a stylised city-scape.

The man turned as the canoe came around the corner and drifted as the rowers lifted their oars. He was missing an eye and the eyebrow above it, showing bone through the empty socket. His jaw hung slack and he let out a moan before reaching toward the new arrivals with both hands. Then he lunged forward and tripped over his canoe's side, plunging into the river with a profound splash.

He immediately sank out of sight.


Dropping a light coin into the river, "We don't know how many are already under the water and I don't want to wait to see if they can turn us over. "
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