[IC] Return of the Runelords

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As Cockroach3 moves Michael takes his attack of opportunity and hits it for 11 damage. Michael swings at Cockroach2 and hits for 10 damage. Teodor attacks with his short sword and hits. However he fails to do any damage (short sword damage is only 1d6+1). Mei flings electricity at Cockroach3 and hits for 2 damage. Cockroach3 caves in upon itself. Teea reloads, moves up and fires at Cockroach4. She hits for 8 points of damage. Cockroach4 caves in upon itself. Shendra steps forward and attacks the one remaining enemy but stabs too high. Cockroach2 bites Michael for 5 points of damage. Everyone is up.

OOC: Map
15 Michael
15 Teodor
15 Mei
14 Teea
12 Shendra
10 Enemies


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Teea turns her musket into the room and blasts away at the remaining bug.

"I would expect more goo from all these bugs?!"

Move: reload
Standard: [CoyoteCode Dice Roller s CC3; damage 1d20+6=[13]+6 = 19; 1d12 = [11] = 11[/url]


tailspinner said:
Teodor attacks with his short sword and hits. However he fails to do any damage (short sword damage is only 1d6+1).

OOC: D'oh, in my haste I forgot, his ability to use dex for damage doesn't kick in until 3rd level. Sorry.


Guest 11456

Michael swings at Cockroach2 and hits for 7 damage. Cockroach2 caves in upon itself. End of combat.

OOC: Map

Deuce Traveler

Michael nods in agreement with Teea, as he bends down and picks at the whatever remains he can find with the tip of his blade. "Not sure what we are dealing with here."


Shendra carefully draws out the wand that Audrahni gave her. She only had enough divine energy remaining for one more spell and she wanted to save it for trying to tackle a spirit again. She examines the magical device, being vaguely (and inexplicably) aware of what was involved in using such an item. She gives it a small twirl in the air and speaks a word of command before tapping Michael with the tip. It works, but the results are not quite satisfactory. She waves it again, this time a bit more vigorously, as she says the command more forcefully. And this time when she taps the warrior his wounds are all mended again.

The seer eyes the item again. "I hope I do not regret not getting it quite right the first time later on..." she says. "The magic of the wand will only last for so long."


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